The forthcoming land speed record attempt

  TopCat® 14:35 23 Oct 2008

Though full of admiration for the latest technology involved in this project, and with the steely nerve and resolve of its pilot, Andy Green, I can't help thinking this is a highly dangerous record attempt that will be really tempting fate this time.

What are your views on this and is it one record attempt too far? TC.

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  peter99co 14:37 23 Oct 2008
  lofty29 14:53 23 Oct 2008

I am probably going to be called all sorts of misery, but I cannot see the point of spending 10million quid to try and prove that a car can achieve 1000mph, not doubt some will say it encourages engineering development, but cars can already go far faster than the law allows. Now is they were to say that they were going to build a cheap family car that does 200mpg and is 100% safe and needs virtually no maintenance then I can appluad it.

  Kemistri 15:21 23 Oct 2008

Things like this need to be done. British science and engineering needs constantly to be pushed forwards - to do otherwise results in going backwards - and projects like this may seem pointless to some folk like lofty here, but they provide a much needed exciting bleeding edge to engineering that can really inspire future engineers to get interested and involved. £10m is not exactly a huge amount of money - particularly when it is privately funded - to pay for the potential effect. Besides that, a bit of national pride is not a bad thing, is it?

  jakimo 16:33 23 Oct 2008

In these times of recession, £10 million would held a lot of people who are having their homes repossessed

  Kemistri 16:52 23 Oct 2008

It would help a percentage of them, yes. But should it? That private money - assuming that enough of it materialises during the life of the project - is someone's to with as they like.

  Condom 10:21 24 Oct 2008

When I come up behind him in my Blackbird and start flashing my lights, do you think he will pull over into the inside lane?

  Quickbeam 12:29 24 Oct 2008

Has it been postponed from the summer 'til the fuel prices dropped...?

  Forum Editor 16:24 24 Oct 2008

for projects like this if we are to continue to push the boundaries in terms of science and engineering. Projects that are based on the 'because it's there' principle are very often relatively pointless in terms of what they achieve, but they are partly what makes us so successful as a species, and if I had a spare £10 million I would fund this myself.

  donki 16:50 24 Oct 2008

While i see nothing wrong with the project and will be excited to see how fast they can go I feel its more a case of "oh look at us and how fast we can go" rather than an advancment in technology and design. I mean look at the video, it loks like the latest Jerry Bruchiemer!!!

Having said that its fun :)!

If I had the 10m I would just buy a nice sports car and have the rest to enjoy myself.

  Forum Editor 17:01 24 Oct 2008

The engineering requirements for a project like this will certainly mean huge advances in vehicle engineering. Propelling the car at 1000mph isn't the main problem. Keeping it on the ground and travelling in a straight line is immensely challenging, and will require engineering solutions that will have to be developed as the project proceeds.

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