Formula 1 Australian grand prix

  AL47 07:27 26 Mar 2011

Good to see the season underway and that Australia is the first race

I'm glad ferrari are struggling and that my favourite team.. lotus Renault.... have a good car with petrov doing a lot better than I expected. However if heidfeld doesn't improve someone else should get a look

  Quickbeam 08:05 26 Mar 2011

How is the Vanwall team doing lately?

  Strawballs 17:58 27 Mar 2011

I think Petrov drove a great race. Releived that my favourite team has finally got it's act together McLaren.

I'm with you on Ferrari that was good to see.

  onthelimit1 18:48 27 Mar 2011

I find the whole F1 a bit of a yawn nowadays (but I bet Bernie doesn't!).

  interzone55 20:30 27 Mar 2011

If you find it a bit of a yawn why did you trouble yourself to open the thread?

I'm annoyed because I forgot which way the clocks went and turned the TV on just in time to catch the last lap.

Then my sister came round to visit just before the 1pm repeat

  Strawballs 20:45 27 Mar 2011

It will be on i-player
I know it's too late now but it is always on bbc3 at 19:00

  onthelimit1 22:28 27 Mar 2011

Good point, and I'm not sure!

  dagbladet 09:06 28 Mar 2011

It's one of the unwritten rules of the forum. If anyone starts a thread on F1, someone shall respond as to how crushingly dull they find it. There will usually be some mention of 'paint drying'. Other rules include; If a football thread is opened, someone must trot out the tired old cliche about all footballers being on £3million a week and being girly boys. If a rugby thread is started, someone must quickly twist it into a tired old rant about how rugby is 'better' than football. All naysayers are then to continue 'bandwagon jumping' until such point as the FE shows a modicum of support for the thread subject at which point they will 'switch sides' and say things along the lines of "As FE has correctly pointed out...", or "Good point FE!".

  Strawballs 21:54 28 Mar 2011

You hit the nail on the head there!!!

  Noldi 17:05 30 Mar 2011

You forgot to mention the anti Ferrari bit as well that always gets mentioned.


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