Formula 1

  morddwyd 20:29 25 Jul 2010

Let me say at the outset that I am not a F1 fan, and don't know much about it, but if what was insinuated on the news tonight, that a driver deliberately slowed to let another one win, it has surely lost all credibility as a championship contest?

I know there's a lot more to it than first past the post, but that is, after all, the essence of racing.

  Seth Haniel 20:40 25 Jul 2010

To appease a spoilt brat. And curtail raid brats tantrum. Can we get one true race this season?

  mark2 20:58 25 Jul 2010

there have always been team orders, but what has incensed a great many people was the blatant way it was done.
Somehow Alonso always seems to have his way, he's also a constant whiner whenever there is someone in front of him, ferrari are pandering to him the way he couldn't get mclaren to do.

Another thing that has upset people, it's 12 mths since his horrific accident that put him out of racing for much of last season, it would have made a nice fairy tale of his comeback since then

  mark2 20:59 25 Jul 2010

Massa's accident

  ams4127 21:34 25 Jul 2010

With episodes like this, it is hardly surprising that so many viewers have given up watching Formula One.

It seems as though the word "Sport", as in Motor Sport, has little or no meaning any more.

I've switched to watching Moto GP. Far more exciting in my humble opinion.

  Strawballs 21:37 25 Jul 2010

$100,000 fine is a joke it would cost them more than that if one of their drivers crashed the car.

But that is Typical ferrari saying they have to think of whats best for the team but the team would still have had a 1-2 finish and Massa although 16points behind Alonso was not out of the race for the title as said before Alonso is like a big kid that has a tantrum if he does not get his own way, that is why he did not get on at McLaren because they would not tell the young upstart to know his place when he kept beating him.

  ulrich 21:41 25 Jul 2010

Alonso as world champion. What a farce. At ten o'clock is some real motorsport MotoGP.
I also watched that awful programme Top Gear, I will watch it again on Tuesday or IPlayer to see again how bad it is. But, they had a piece on Ayrton Semnna a man who raced to win, not what the team said.

  ulrich 21:44 25 Jul 2010

This Moto GP Race at 2200hrs tonight frightens me more watching it than anyother bike race except for the TT. You might not like motorcycle racing, but respect the guys that do it.

  mark2 21:55 25 Jul 2010

after race press conference transcript click here

  al's left peg 22:35 25 Jul 2010

Formula1 is the biggest commercial roadshow on the planet.I would love to know how much of my forced tax to the BBC goes to lining the pockets of these overpaid playboys.

  mr simon 00:04 26 Jul 2010

Massa is on an £8 million a year contract, which means Ferrari pay him almost £1000 an hour, on or off duty.

I think on the balance of this, they can ask him to settle for 2nd place. After all it is a team sport first and an individual sport second.

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