Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has died

  Forum Editor 23:45 23 Nov 2006

which is a sad ending to a very strange episode.

Does anyone else find it difficult to understand how, with all the modern forensic tools that are available, it seemed impossible to discover what exactly this man had injested, and how?

The story seems to have more unanswered questions than solutions as it stands. Presumably a post-mortem will reveal the true cause of death.

  Al94 23:57 23 Nov 2006

The latter sentence of your post assumes transparency in this matter which is highly unlikely and invites uninformed opinion on what is undoubtedly a very complex and dark issue.

  Kate B 00:05 24 Nov 2006

it's a sad and extraordinary tale - redolent of the Cold war, really. I hope they find out what killed him and more importantly, who killed him.

  ashdav 00:12 24 Nov 2006

I think the "modern forensic tools" can work both ways and subtle chemistry can be applied such that the real cause of his death will never be discovered.
The alternative is that the cause of his death is known but is being suppressed for political reasons but then we are into the realms of conspiracy theory.
I await future developments.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:14 24 Nov 2006

to figure out what he ate (assuming you are referring to the mystery objects shown up on xrays) but the hard part would have been doing it without killing him. I really think some professional medical opinion would be helpfull in this thread, especially on the subject of diagnostics. After all, a modern PC is a very simple device indeed compared with a human being, and yet there are still problems in the helprooms that resists peoples best efforts.

As for being sad, thats a more difficult one. You can be sad in an abstract way for the passing of a stranger that you never knew, but beyond that, its difficult to be sorry for someone who may have been a monster for all we know. (I'm not saying he was, merely that I personally do not know). After all, many people mourned the passing of Robert Maxwell, untill the truth came out.


  Forum Editor 00:17 24 Nov 2006

Transparency is another matter. I didn't say the post mortem results would be revealed to the world - I said presumably it will reveal the true cause of death, and I believe it will.

The issue is indeed a dark and complex one, and it may be the case that we'll never know the true facts, but that's no bar to speculation - the most cursory examination of the past week's newspapers would suffice to tell you that. As for inviting uninformed opinion - that's precisely what I'm doing. Feel free to offer yours.

  Vangeliska 00:20 24 Nov 2006

They may well find out what killed him and they may well find out who killed him but it is extremely unlikely that the latter will ever be made public.

  Forum Editor 00:28 24 Nov 2006

Your point is taken, and my 'sad' comment was based on part of it - you can indeed be sad at the death of a stranger, about whom you know little. He may have been a 'monster' as you put it, but as yet there seems to be no evidence to support that view, and I prefer to assume he wasn't until I learn otherwise.

He was granted asylum here in 2000, but he had been a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin for many years before that - certainly before Putin became President.

One thing's for sure - he didn't die of food poisoning picked up from a takeaway.

  €dstowe 06:48 24 Nov 2006

There's a lot more to this than we will ever know but, isn't it odd how this came about at the time of the launch of the latest James Bond spy fantasy?

I'm sure it's just coincidence but it's highly convenient for the JB publicity machine.

  Watchful 07:19 24 Nov 2006

It's very weird and I feel that the authorities know a lot more than they are telling. We may indeed never know the truth but it will fire a lot of speculation.

  JaneAusten 08:09 24 Nov 2006

Possibly no sadder than the passing of many "ordinary" souls, who are lost on a daily basis.

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