"Formatting is for wimps" - The easy option...

  powerless 20:10 08 Sep 2004

Do you:

A) Format right there and then as soon as you encounter a problem.

B) Try and solve the problem...but format if it cannot be solved.

C) Solve the problem no matter how long it takes.

D) Use "Imaging" software - so what's a format?

Formatting would probably always cure a fault [unless its failed hardware, software clash] But do we all try and fix the problem?

Or do we fix it by formatting or eventually formatting.

Then again is formatting a fix?

  Mister Splendid©®™! 20:24 08 Sep 2004

For me!

  €dstowe 20:26 08 Sep 2004

Don't want to tempt fate here but I've never had need to format any HDD unless it was new or I was changing its use.

  Dorsai 20:28 08 Sep 2004


Never format at all (apart from a new HDD, that has to be formatted, before it can be used.)

The problem can always be solved.

Oops, sorry no E. option given.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 08 Sep 2004

A) Hell's teeth!!! A bit too hasty and you would be reformatting on a weekly basis. OTT in extremis.

B) Spend a reasonable amount of time finding the problem but if there are many problems I tend to find that it is better to reformat as the registry becomes a little unstable. There is no point spending over week....(no naming certain threads here!)....trying to fix a load of errors or bonkers errors that defy logic if a hasty reformat will get you back to square one. 1 hour reformat vs 12+ hours tearing hair out, gnashing and wailing = no contest.

For this reason I find the manufacturer's restore disks a lifesaver, no need to worry about drivers etc. Slap in the disk, 3 cups of tea and a decent read of the Times and Bob's yer uncle.

C) I'm dead hard and a total geek. 42 hours to track down and get rid of a virus shows that your are a man, no brains and too much spare time, but a man.

D) The lazy boy's way out and possibly the most effective, assuming that all was OK when the image was written ;-)). I find that most people that are screaming for help when their computers is up the proverbial creeks do not have imaging software. A good reformat once evry 2 years is like a dose of salts for any computer and gets rid of loads of crud.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:46 08 Sep 2004

'The problem can always be solved'...IF you have the time. I can think of one or two threads that have not been solved or the 'problem' identified. I also look at a reformat as a tune-up but for home users only as they are the culprits for putting on rubbish programmes and fiddling with all sorts of settings.


  Dorsai 20:56 08 Sep 2004

But as you say

they are the culprits for putting on rubbish programmes and fiddling with all sorts of settings

So i stick with E.

And dont

put on rubbish programmes and fiddle with all sorts of settings.

Unless i can either reverse it, or know what i am at.

Touch wood.

  VoG II 21:01 08 Sep 2004

B) but only format in extremis.

  spikeychris 21:02 08 Sep 2004

At work I just rip the drive out and give it a virtual bath, at home I put me gloves on and kick its head in till it backs down, it goes to points but I sometimes win.

  It's Me 21:13 08 Sep 2004

'B' then 'D'

  pcwhizz 21:38 08 Sep 2004

im a classic , determined to get an error or problem fixed. Then after a week of no luck i jsut bang in the win xp disk and do a format and new installation.

At least im not like my friends who gets his pc workin to perfection then decides its performance is sluggish when its not! Ends up doin system restore after system restore with Compaq disks . And then downloadin Registry programs detirmind that its the registry thats at fault???

Cant win really! if a PC aint broken it dnt need fixing!

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