Formatting text on PCA forums

  Covergirl 10:29 06 Jun 2011

I have found a few more formatting options not documented.

I'd tell you how to, but it will be more fun if you try find out for yourselves. :) (I'm working on links opening in a new window next).

Embolden large font

embolden same as formatting icons

Large font Caps only

bold font in blue

medium sized font caps only

Bold again

  Covergirl 10:30 06 Jun 2011

Now that's interesting.

It didn't display like that in the preview pane.

Disappointed :(

  lotvic 11:39 06 Jun 2011

bet you feel really small now

stop cussing me, I only discovered that by accident ;-)

  Covergirl 12:17 06 Jun 2011

You can give it a go yourself if you're interested.

Just put the hash sign (#) at the start of the line and you can see what it does in the preview pane.

Add another one, then another, then another up to 6.

  interzone55 12:31 06 Jun 2011

Like this you mean?

  gengiscant 12:57 06 Jun 2011




  gengiscant 12:58 06 Jun 2011

That's weird

  Nontek 14:34 06 Jun 2011


Ah ha, one hash at start, type the name, then tap Enter twice to get back to normal text like this.

  cycoze 16:50 06 Jun 2011



---------- Horizontal Rule ----------

Bold Italic


  cycoze 17:04 06 Jun 2011

I wonder if these ones work?

This is a BIG header

This is a sub-headline

This is a Big Bold header



  lotvic 17:17 06 Jun 2011

What is THIS

little and


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