Form an orderly queue

  spikeychris 20:49 16 Jan 2007

to raise your objections but speakers corner should be more than a staging point to ask whether its members like cats or dogs and such.

  lisa02 21:08 16 Jan 2007

Who cares?

They can ask what they like as long as the FE doesn't delete it and folk respond it'll continue.

  Watchful 21:10 16 Jan 2007

I don't mind. It's for any subject as long as posters stick to the rules.

  VoG II 21:12 16 Jan 2007

Well I think it is time that we had a virtual pub:

'Two pints please Bernice, and a coke for Stuart' should evoke fond memories from those who used to populate The Lounge.

Personally I tend to avoid Speaker's Corner except in moments of boredom and concentrate on the Helproom. You might try the same spikeychris - we don't see much of your expertise there these days...

  p;3 21:15 16 Jan 2007

fe did open the section up for any suitable discussion so...........

if it is misused etc he will amend the regulations; also one does not have to contribute to the discussions if one does not wish to

  Watchful 21:17 16 Jan 2007

Or one can start one's own thread if one so wishes.

  Quiller. 21:26 16 Jan 2007

Instead of having a pop at someone else's forum. Why not look closely at your own.

wet shave or dry shave click here

bread crusts click here

chocolate preference click here

men are you comfortable in pink click here

trouble at mill, happy birthday xxxx, car insurance quotes

  Watchful 21:40 16 Jan 2007

Those are light-hearted threads to give people a bit of a laugh. We all need some humour to brighten the day.

  microcoder 21:43 16 Jan 2007

Helprooms are normally frequented by folk who cannot be bothered to do a simple Google search.That's normally what the good samaritan spends most of their time doing anyway.

I have helped in many pc help forums but it was the same half a dozen problems cropping up time after time after time!The advice given is normally in the form of a link and without any other added text.

How on earth can anybody complain about the dire topics aired in the Speakers Section?Simply hi-jack it and turn it into an interesting and fun thread.Problem solved.

The cat and dog thread has already turned into a comedy one.Great.

  p;3 21:45 16 Jan 2007

I think you may well find that your posting is bad forum etiquette

the forum you have linked to has a completely different set up to PCA forum and it is really inappropriate to compare one forum with any other ; you may also care to notice that that forum does not and will not discuss matters relating to this site and, with respect, neither should you

  p;3 21:48 16 Jan 2007

erm.... it is now raining cats and dogs on your thread ::)))

lets all get wet shall we?

storms are due in England soon anyway, so get prepared::))

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