Ford say Tata to Land Rover and Jaguar

  TopCat® 21:21 25 Mar 2008

The sell-off deal which is favoured by the car makers union Unite is worth around £1 billion. I hope the British workers' jobs remain safe after this takeover is complete. TC. click here

  sunny staines 21:59 25 Mar 2008

they just won't be the same anymore, jags look like mondeo's already.

  Strawballs 22:27 25 Mar 2008

You really think that they won't move the production to India after a while?

  TopCat® 22:59 25 Mar 2008

For the sake of their UK workers I fervently hope they do not move production to India, Strawballs, but in today's business climate nothing is set in stone. TC.

  TopCat® 23:20 25 Mar 2008

Here's what the BBC's Robert Peston thinks about this takeover. TC. click here

  alan2273 23:26 25 Mar 2008

I worked at Land Rover for 27 years and took early retirement about 18 months ago, (the package was to good to turn down).
Ford have been trying to offload Jaguar for some years now and could only do it by offering Land Rover as a sweetner.
Land Rover have made a profit for the last 7 years and Jaguar are still haemoraging money.
It started with them selling Aston Martin.
The deal will probably secure the jobs for a few years, but eventually it will be moved to India where the labour is so much cheaper.

  Stuartli 23:53 25 Mar 2008

The way Robert Peston has been apparently trying to convey the impression of an exclusive on BBC News and News24 today has been amusing.

Tata's plans have been an open secret for a while and there was even a reference to its plans to buy Jaguar on the Daily Mail's letter page this morning (Tuesday).

  Wilham 09:29 26 Mar 2008

I agree with Strawballs. Tata's commitment ends in 2011.
click here

  interzone55 11:09 26 Mar 2008

Production may be cheaper in India, but there's more to a car than cheap assembly.

Whilst they may shift production of volume models to the sub-continent, I seriously doubt that they would move the XK, XF & S-Type over there as these cars are the prestigious high-margin models where perceived image is more important than a 2% cut in labour costs.

Look at BMW & VW's ownership of Rolls & Bentley, they've not shifted production of these cars to the parent companies cheap labour plants in Eastern Europe, China & South America. Certain components may be sourced abroad, but the real craftsmanship is in the assembly, and that is where we lead the world. Yes an S Class Merc may be better built with laser thin panel gaps, but it's got no soul...

  Stuartli 11:16 26 Mar 2008

>>Yes an S Class Merc may be better built with laser thin panel gaps, but it's got no soul...>>

As someone who has driven a number of S-Class models of various engine sizes (petrol and diesel) over thousands of miles, I'm sorry but I have to disagree.

It's probably the finest car you can buy and I include RR, Bentley etc.

Now if you had said a Lexus 400 had no soul (at least the first few years' production)......

  interzone55 12:51 26 Mar 2008

I've driven an LS400 and I felt like I was in a coma I was so insulated from the world outside.

I've never driven an S Class, but I've been in a couple and I still say it has no soul, it's too clinical, too perfect if you like. Now that may not be a bad thing, it depends on what you want from a car I suppose

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