Ford Cortina brooklands 2.8i & Cosworths

  Uboat 08:35 03 Mar 2011

Anyone been a lover of these? just saw them on the net & they brought back some fantastic days years ago!

Anyone else love the old Fords or other cars.??

click here

click here

  Chris the Ancient 08:47 03 Mar 2011

A l-o-n-g time ago I had an even better Capri! It was the Mk I Facelift 3.0 V6 GXL. A very rare breed.

Used to be a Flamenco Red one with a vinyl roof and what made it (sneakily) different from the Mk1 was instead of having twin exhausts - one each side of the car - they were both on one side so didn't look like a V6 at first glance.

It used to go like the proverbial bat out of hades and if I dropped the clutch too quickly on pulling away, I could feel the rear suspension wind up, tramp the axle..... and then go.

I loved the car but it had two faults. On a long run, if you made a short stop, the fuel system vapour-locked and it just wouldn't start for about 10 minutes (I soon learned too fill up quickly and get going at the pumps - otherwise it was embarrassing!). The other fault was the dreaded tin-worm. Like a lot of cars (including Fords), it was prone to rot.

But I did love that car.

  carver 08:52 03 Mar 2011

I used to own a Lotus Cortina back in 69 until 71 and it's a wonder I didn't kill myself in it, but you had to learn how to drive in one of those things.

Brilliant to drive at the time and had many hours of fun in it, best part was it cost me at that time £300 to buy it, kept it 2 years and got the same money back.

The biggest problem was rust, in 2 year had to replace an outer and inner wing and both sills plus the drivers floor also got replaced.

I wish I still had it now.

  Uboat 08:54 03 Mar 2011

Chris Ah the big 3 litre! monsters wasnt they!
i remember seeing one about ten years ago at a car rally on a "demolition derby" almost brought tears to my eyes seeing it get smashed up!

i bet urs was a beast eh?

  PaulsonW 09:21 03 Mar 2011

...I used to own a Lotus Cortina back in 69 until 71 and it's a wonder I didn't kill myself in it, but you had to learn how to drive in one of those things...

Ah, the wolf in sheep's clothing. Only the badge at the front told you it was a rocket.

I was seventeen when my boss of a car tuning shop took me on a long drive. It was only when we both smelt burning on the motorway doing over a ton that he realised he'd left the handbrake on.

  Quickbeam 10:27 03 Mar 2011

I had an '84 2.0 auto in red, the most fun car I ever had!

  spuds 12:22 03 Mar 2011

Its strange how certain vehicles stick in ones mind. I had a friend who had one of those from new, and he was the envy of the gang. But he became the enemy (or another word) when he part exchanged it for a newer Ford two/ three years later, without telling any of his very and more than willing to buy mates.

Isn't it true that the Cosworth's are making a comeback, or was that a Top Gear rumour?.

  cycoze 13:35 03 Mar 2011

My Wife loved her Capri, had to sell it a couple of years ago due to how much work it was needing it was no longer viable.

Her Escort Van is clocking on a bit and starting to need some welding work, if that goes I am hoping something newer may be considered but know if a golden oldie is available at the right price...

  carver 14:48 03 Mar 2011

This is how much they are selling for now click here same one I had, and click here

and this is a nice example click here

  ams4127 22:26 03 Mar 2011

I had a 1600 GT Mk2 Cortina in the early '70s. Loved that car and had it bored out to (I think) 1760cc. Sold it when posted to RAF Bruggen.

  Strawballs 22:45 03 Mar 2011

My second car was a 2000E Corsair 1968

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