Footballers about to take a pay cut?

  OTT_B 22:37 03 Feb 2011

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This is interesting - I wonder how enforceable the BBC license fee is if the judgement goes the way of the land lady?

Quite how much revenue British football clubs get from the current deal, but I can imagine it's quite a lot. The real question is, if the judgement does go the way of the landlady, how will the premier league restructure deals to maintain profit?

  dororof 22:51 03 Feb 2011

The top league footballers will not i believe take a "pay cut",selfishness reigns supreme in the upper echelons of most any enterprise, they salve their ego through charitable work.
I hope this lady wins her case outright,she is challenging a monopoly which has distorted and damaged the game,much in the same way as the present and previous transfers have done.
With the help of the FA the game has become a mockery.

  Uboat 01:35 04 Feb 2011

Funnily enough my friend works for a hotel where they have just applied for Sky Sports package! its going to cost £300+ PM!
for a small 20 bedroomed place.? i wonder if they can use this NOVA company.?

Sky is fantastic for some channels BUT way way over priced!

  uk-wizard 06:31 04 Feb 2011

The football club where I have the occasional pint or two changed to the Spanish provider a couple of years ago. We are a small local club with mostly yoof teams (babysitters) and an average gate of less than 50, Sky wanted £5000 to renew our subscription so our boots were made for walking in this case.

  morddwyd 07:27 04 Feb 2011

The legal argument is an interesting one - "I can buy what I like where I like (within reasonable limits e.g.tobacco) within the EH, so why not satellite television?"

As for footballers taking a pay cut, it will be announced in the same week as the bankers announce theirs!

  Quickbeam 08:02 04 Feb 2011

Will that be the same week that pigs fly then?

  Quickbeam 08:20 04 Feb 2011

Hopefully in the long term it might bring Sky back to reality on earth.

And it may make Sky consider pay as you watch packages priced for occasional viewers, and pubs that only want to show the odd popular game to keep people in rather than have an empty pub while the one that pays a fortune gets all their custom. Not all pubs want to become wall to wall sports vieweries, and those that do, probably do so because they've paid for it, so you'll bloodywell have to watch it, weather you want to or not.

Sky are an aggressively motivated and greedy media company that want it all. They could learn a lot from the supermarket philosophy of 'stack it high and flog it cheap'.

Supermarkets have strict controls over how may stores they have located in any one area so as to keep healthy competition thriving, doesn't this come under the same anti-monopoly legislation?

  Chegs ®™ 11:00 04 Feb 2011

When Sky TV packages seemed to offer me nothing worth the price,I bought a Freesat system.Now it seems that business are also opting for alternatives too,Sky are showing desperation by prosecuting them.I hope this lady wins her appeal.

  spuds 11:57 04 Feb 2011

But surely, this is all to do with the 'Going Rate' that we keep being constantly told about?.

Then of cause we have 'competition' between providers, and everyone of them are on the breadline or struggling to survive were profits are to be obtained?.

I hope this person wins the case, because if they do, then reality and possibly public opinion will once again prevail?.

And as for footballers taking a pay cut, then this will need to be seen (very doubtful). How deep in debt are most football clubs, yet the footballers, managers and agents are still talking about mega bucks and transfer lists encouraging higher price tags. Personally I blame the supporters for all of this.

  Quickbeam 12:10 04 Feb 2011

"and everyone of them are on the breadline or struggling to survive were profits are to be obtained?."
A cut in commentator's fees? I can't believe there aren't bus loads of able people capable of doing that job for a fraction of the £1.7 million that some get...

  interzone55 15:07 04 Feb 2011

This has absolutely nothing to do with licence fees, and more to do with the free supply of goods and services across EU borders.

The licence fee is a legal duty required to use equipment capable of picking up live TV broadcasts, but the SKY / Premiership monopoly on public broadcasts breached European competition laws.

The difference in prices show why many pubs are using Greek and various Slavic broadcasts - £800 a year compared to £7200...

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