Football Transfer

  laurie53 20:09 14 Jan 2009

I know nothing about football, so perhaps aficionados will tell me to wind my neck in, but if a player is transferred for £90M what sort of a return would a club get on its investment?

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  canarieslover 20:16 14 Jan 2009

Depends how well he plays. Obviously his old club are making a reasonable return on their investment but he has only got to have a bad season next year and his value and pulling power could diminish rapidly.

  Quiller. 20:31 14 Jan 2009

It is a long term investment.
Kaka could have 6 or 7 years of top flight football in him.
Staying in the premier league is worth around 60 million a year.
You get one of the best players in the world then other good players will want to join.
If they can rival Man U, they would be one of the richest football clubs in the world. Well Man U were till the flogged it and now the banks nearly own it.
Those rich middle eastern gents who have made many billions on black gold have to spend their dosh on something.

  bremner 20:34 14 Jan 2009

The return in this instance is only the winning of trophies and how this enhances the ego of the owner.

A man with literally unlimited funds wants to have as his latest toy a football club.

There is absolutely no way the amount of money involved in this alleged potential move could ever be recouped.

It is truly a sad world where millions are starving yet individuals spend tens of millions on sport or works of art.

  interzone55 21:34 14 Jan 2009

Clubs like AC Milan and Real Madrid are well known for passing stories like this around to inflate the perceived value of their players.

It's telling that Kaka says he isn't interested in the move, but his agent, who'll get a sizeable chunk of the fee, says he is...

  Jim Thing 21:47 14 Jan 2009

...the fuss that was made when Brian Clough (I think) becam the first manager to pay a £10,000 transfer fee for a player. Everyone said the football world had gone mad...

  bremner 22:06 14 Jan 2009

Clough was the first to pay £1,000,000 not £10,000

For Trevor Francis.

  Bingalau 22:25 14 Jan 2009

Bremner... Did you ever play for Cloughie?

  Jim Thing 22:29 14 Jan 2009

Aye, it was a million of course. Am I allowed to plead senile stupidity?

  Kev.Ifty 22:58 14 Jan 2009

The man that campaigned against the maximum wage for footballers.

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  jarsek 23:44 14 Jan 2009

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