Football Fine

  morddwyd 19:38 18 Dec 2009

A young schoolboy has been "fined" £5,000 for breach of copyright for posting footage of Buckie Thistle (Who?) on YouTube.

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Now I know that copyright is a very emotive subject, and jealously guarded, but come on, this is surely a bit OTT?

  johndrew 19:42 18 Dec 2009

If the footage didn`t belong to him then he really shouldn`t have posted it. But at the age of 16 years he should also have been aware of copyright given that he has almost certainly been buying(?) music for some time.

Having said that, the fine is a bit heavy unless there is more to the story than we are being told.

  bremner 19:43 18 Dec 2009

He has not be fined, he has been threatened with being required to pay royalties.

The comment by the media lawyer seems be make it clear that they are talking rubbish.

OTT ? Totally ridiculous small minded fool comes to mind

  Forum Editor 19:48 18 Dec 2009

He was threatened with a fine by the club, but they have no power to fine a member of the public for anything, and they certainly can't impose a fine for copyright breach - that must be done by a court.

In truth there can be no breach of the club's copyright, because it doesn't exist. The copyright in the footage is actually vested in the schoolboy - he filmed the play, and he published it on YouTube.

The only thing the club might be able to do is ban him from their ground, and if they do that over a minor infringement of their rules they'll make a laughing stock of themselves.

  tullie 19:50 18 Dec 2009

The footage does belong to him.

  bri-an 20:12 18 Dec 2009

But they are already called 'Buckie Thistle' for Heavens sake!!

  morddwyd 23:26 18 Dec 2009

"He was threatened with a fine by the club" - "president of Buckie FC, Mark Duncan, who insisted he has the club's full support."

"He hasn't been fined anything" - "John Grant came up and immediately said he was fining me £5,000"

You've obviously read, and watched, a different news story to me.

  dagbladet 23:39 18 Dec 2009

I think that the Highland League chap John Grant has made a bit of an 'arris of himself and I very much doubt that the young lad will be fined a penny.


Are you 7?

  bremner 08:43 19 Dec 2009

"He asked for my contact details, and I'm still waiting to hear if I've definitely been fined."

And if the media lawyer is to be believed there is nothing he can be fined for.

  bri-an 10:09 19 Dec 2009

"Are you 7?"

Surprisingly, I used to be once.
When will you be getting your humour transplant?

As has been made perfectly clear, the club cannot fine him (unless he's already on their payroll) and he does not appear to have broken any law. So it's a non-story.

  Forum Editor 11:05 19 Dec 2009

I haven't watched anything. I simply stated the facts - the football club can say what it likes, but it cannot fine anyone a single penny for copyright breach. Only a judge in court can do that, and no judge in any court would dream of imposing a fine in this case, because there has been no copyright breach.

The boy filmed a football match, and you can't copyright that. You can ban filming inside the ground, but that's an entirely different matter, and the club still wouldn't be able fine anyone if they broke the rule. The whole thing is a silly fuss about nothing.

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