Foot & Mouth

  BT 08:08 14 Sep 2007

Once again we have suspected Foot & Mouth outbreaks across the country and restrictions in place.

Farmers are not allowed to move animals and markets are closed. Imports into France and other EC countries are banned by those countries. And our farmers are suffering once again.

Is it my imagination but do we EVER hear of Foot and Mouth outbreaks in other EC countries?

Do we ever ban imports from those countries into the UK?

The same situation occurred with the BSE problem a few years ago. We never heard of any serious problems in mainland Europe.

Is the UK the only country that takes these things seriously. I believe that these things are kept quiet in other EC countries. We never see hundreds of animals being culled to prevent the spread of disease in France, Germany, Etc. I really can't believe that they never have any of these outbreaks. The only thing that we have seen is the Bird Flu problems in Hungary that supposedly caused our problem here.

  techie4me 08:35 14 Sep 2007

You can vaccinate against Foot & Mouth.
But the UK seems not to and instead cull all animals that show signs of it & those on the same farm/land that have been in contact, but may not have been infected.
It’s a very touchy issue within the farming community.

  BT 09:03 14 Sep 2007

Its my understanding that the F&M virus is a bit like the human 'flu virus in that it constantly mutates and so a vaccination program is not necessarily a valid way to prevent it as unless it was done on a regular and continuing basis it can't be particularly effective.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:13 14 Sep 2007

'Is it my imagination but do we EVER hear of Foot and Mouth outbreaks in other EC countries?' F&M is all ove rthe world but we do make a fuss about it.

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  techie4me 09:56 14 Sep 2007

It can be controlled if the powers that be thought it was viable, some think it's not though.
It's a bit like the debate over Badgers contracting TB and spreading it to Cow's.
Bovine TB is completly different to the TB that Badgers have, but still people want to try to cull them.
Badgers however are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act.

  Cymro. 11:12 14 Sep 2007

Farmers who suffer losses due to F+M get compensated by the taxpayer. Is this right? There are nor very many other industries who would get compensation in this way. Why don`t farmers get insurance against loses due to F+M.
Due apologies if I am hijacking the original thread.

  Chegs ®™ 12:05 14 Sep 2007

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As far as I can gather,the compensation comes from the european union not the government.Although in the recent cases,it would seem to have come from a government laboratory so the government (or their insurers) should be liable.

  Cymro. 12:36 14 Sep 2007

EU money or UK government money it is still all our money in the end, or should I say at the start before they get their hands on it.

As for the lab allegedly responsible, I hope they get sued. But even then it will still cost us the taxpayer as insurance premiums will have to increase to pay for it.

  Stuartli 13:38 14 Sep 2007

The affected farmers are completely blameless in both recent cases - of course they should be compensated for their losses.

That also, in my view, applies to farmers and businesses across the country who are suffering because of an alleged Government bungle at one of its laboratories.

I'm quite sure that you would expect to be given compensation whatever your line of work if you were in no way at fault.

  Cymro. 14:15 14 Sep 2007

The farmers may well be blameless for the recent F+M outbreaks, but being blameless does not make other industries automatically eligible for compensation so why should it make farmers eligible.

You mention other businesses across the country who are suffering, well if they don`t get compensation then why should farmers?

You then finish by saying that I would expect compensation if I were in no way at fault. Yes I would but from the people who were at fault or their insurers not from the taxpayer.

  Stuartli 15:18 14 Sep 2007

>>Yes I would but from the people who were at fault>>

In other words, the Government.

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