Fools and their money

  lisa02 18:53 13 Nov 2006

click here

This guy claims he's 100 ordered and he's the only way you can get them. Not true click here

So any takers? The maximum is 10 notes however I just ordered 5.

  egapup 19:01 13 Nov 2006

You would have to pay me to take them.

  octal 19:03 13 Nov 2006

I think the guy should be giving people £30 just to take them off his hands, there again there'll always be some mugs around.

  grumpy old git™ 19:38 13 Nov 2006

I would not want a picture of a drunken, lecherous idiot in my pocket.

Will the royal ulster bank be making contributions to AA, the blood transfusion service the british organ donor trust and the british transplant society?

  lisa02 19:43 13 Nov 2006

I do not know, though the Ulster Bank has said it will donate to charity and it's intention was not to profit from releasing the notes.

£5 million notes that will almost be sure to be out of circulation will net the bank a whopping profit, obviously minus the production costs.

  Al94 19:47 13 Nov 2006

click here and click here will provide some more informed comment. The man was far from perfect as a human being but remains a football legend! A very judgmental comment gog!

  lisa02 19:53 13 Nov 2006

And at Al94's comment I'll tick as resolved.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:58 13 Nov 2006

What a marvellous world we live in and what fine examples we set to the youth of today.

Muhammad Yunus, Ph.D., founder and managing director of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh is awarded the Nobel peace prize for charging the hapless Indian poor an eyewatering 98% interest on his loans, drug addicts sue (and win) HM Govt for putting them into 'cold turkey' and a drunk who elbowed his way past others who desperately needed a kidney and then in spite of top medical opinion drank himself daft, has his mug shoved on a £5 note.

As a footnote the RBU can only print notes against it's gold/metal reserves...I fail to see how they can make a profit or donate naff all to charity.

Stop the world I want to get off.


  lisa02 20:07 13 Nov 2006

Gandalf, ROFL!

I ordered the notes to hopefully make a few quid from them in a couple of years, why not.

You can order 10 notes but they'll only give you 5 presentation wallets. Hence why I ordered 5.

As for Best well he ultimately paid for his mistakes didn't he. I have no opinions on him other than that.

  Al94 20:08 13 Nov 2006

Think about it Gandalf, the bulk of theses notes will never go into circulation, they will lie in drawers as collectors items so will do wonders for Ulster Bank's balance sheet! Also the publicity worldwide has already been and will be continue to be collossal, what price that? I think it has been a very clever marketing coup!! I understand they are now concerned about handling the inevitable queues on the day the notes are issued.

  Kate B 20:56 13 Nov 2006

I'm surprised at the veneration of George Best compared to the compassionless writing off of drug-addicted prisoners in another thread. Best was a drug addict: his drug was alcohol. It's a poisonous, corrosive and deeply addictive drug and yet people think he's worth commemorating with special bank notes and venerating as a legend. If he'd been addicted to heroin, would you feel the same? There's not much difference, really, in terms of the potential for life-sapping addiction and damage to people around him. Double standards at work, methinks.

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