Food or fuel?

  Cymro. 11:37 15 Apr 2008

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But some scientists and green groups say biofuels contribute more greenhouse gases than they save. Then there is the affect on food production when land is taken over for growing plants to produce biofuels. The cost of some foods is already going up because of this.

So is it right to take land out of food production so as to produce biofuels for us in the developed world to be able to drive our cars while people in other less privileged circumstances have to go hungry because of rising food prices?

  peter99co 12:01 15 Apr 2008

The individuals who made the decision must live with it. After all they know best don't they?

  Jim Thing 12:35 15 Apr 2008

I assumed that this thread was going to be about Tesco's ready meals...

  Quickbeam 12:41 15 Apr 2008

I reality we're a very crowded planet. Tomorrow we'll be too overcrowded and we'll need to make some enforced decisions about population control.

Some countries have tried it, it'll never be popular, but it's one of the essential longterm solutions to our drain on food and mineral resources.

  Legolas 13:10 15 Apr 2008

That would be food or foul ;)

  anskyber 13:35 15 Apr 2008

Neatly put, I agree with every word.

Humanitarian arguements for feeding say the poor in Africa are compelling. The truth however is the dramatic increase in world population essentially rests at the doors of less developed countries.

Our humanitarian thinking may/should be conditional otherwise we are actually contributing to a future problem of unsustainable population levels.

  Woolwell 14:43 15 Apr 2008

It is not just food or fuel. The planting of palm oil in places like Borneo threaten rain forests and the natural habitation of animals like to Orang Utan.

  Chegs ®™ 17:42 15 Apr 2008

Seems to depend on who's saying what.Transport is not the biggest producer of CO2,bio-fuel produces less harmful emissions,and car manufacturers are already striving to produce ever decreasing emissions from their vehicles...or so the article I read recently says.

  laurie53 21:46 15 Apr 2008

Some pensioners would tell you that food or fuel means an entirely different thing to them.

  peter99co 23:12 15 Apr 2008

After seeing that China is building a couple of coal fired power stations a week on tele last night. I think we have already blown it.

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