Food labelling campaign launched

  rezeeg 14:40 04 Jan 2007

Quote from the BBC site:

"The labels show percentages of guideline daily amounts (GDA) of sugar, salt, fat and calories in each serving.

Other firms use red, amber and green labels - where green is good and red warns not to consume too much - approved by the Food Standards Agency.

But the 21 firms and retailers using the GDA system say people will not buy products with red labels on them."

Surely that's the point of the exercise!

I also heard on the radio that 46% of adults do not understand percentages - frightening!

  monkeyboy21 14:57 04 Jan 2007

I also heard on the radio that 46% of adults do not understand percentages - frightening!

Frightening? At least the other 59% of us do!

  spikeychris 14:58 04 Jan 2007

46%, is that a lot then?

  Jackcoms 15:15 04 Jan 2007

Yet more Big Brother-type political correctness gone mad.

Now, I'm just popping out for a Big Mac and large fries then down to the pub for a pint or 6 and a fag (or 5).

  DrScott 15:17 04 Jan 2007

10 times and it comes out heads each time, what is most likely to come out the 11th time? Heads or tails?

Apparently that is a question a rather large number of people get wrong. Interestingly, there is some evidence that people who get this question wrong are more likely to believe in the supernatural, presumably because of their misunderstanding of probability.

Well it's kind of like percentages.

  Belatucadrus 16:39 04 Jan 2007

Including most sports "personalities" who routinely claim to have given 110% and yet will try twice as hard next time.

  jack 17:29 04 Jan 2007

IMHO the whole exercise is a total waste of time and money which we the paying public will have to fork out for in taxes to pay the desk drivers of Whitehall and the higher cost of goods in modifying the packaging.

There are those of us who know what to eat for our continuing good health and those that do not.
Those that do not- don't care or are simply not educated enough to comprehend= they are on a permanent 'see-food diet' [See food and eat it] .
I recall taking a look at a 'Weight watcher' breakfast product in a local supermarket.
It was ready made porridge in a 100g tub made with 'Real Cream and Demera Sugar'- priced at something over a £1` - porridge oats cost about half that for 500g and 50g in dish with a dash of skimmed milk rakes 2 minutes in a microwave.

  Forum Editor 17:49 04 Jan 2007

how the nation managed to survive to the present day without knowing which food was 'good' and which was 'bad'.

  Kate B 18:10 04 Jan 2007

It's a good thing - the present system is really confusing. For example, "low fat" is touted as healthy but a lot of low-fat food is stuffed with carbohydrate - sugar - which will make you fat and unhealthy.

  mymate 18:37 04 Jan 2007

I think its a good idea to label the food with different colours.I think Tesco is not doing it with the colours,they have decided to do it a different way !

  wiz-king 18:40 04 Jan 2007

Does this mean that each beetroot, carrot and brussel sprout has to have a label?
Need a lot of labels.

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