A font to far?

  wiz-king 21:06 05 Sep 2009

Luddites take note.
Ikea, the Scandinavian furniture and furnishings company has casually abandoned its version of the famed 20th-century font Futura for the 2010 Catalogue, instead using the computer-screen font Verdana. Futura had served Ikea for 50 years and has been replaced it for 2010. The NYtimes article click here has a link to the idsgn site click here and gives a broader view and which gives an example of some pages.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:24 05 Sep 2009

and in truth if no one had said anything I would never have noticed. If it had been changed to something wierd and wonderfull and difficult to read (aka 'trendy') then I might have noticed on my 3 times a year foray to sample the cheap hot dogs, but otherwise its pretty much a non event. I mean, its not like they are changing the formula of a well known brand of cola...

But I suppose someone got a nice little bonus out of coming up with it.


  WhiteTruckMan 21:56 05 Sep 2009

I don't know anything about all that.

Like I said, I go for the cheap hot dogs.


A hot dog shop that also sells furniture. Now *there's* an idea..:)


  Grey Goo 23:31 05 Sep 2009

Should be using this, as shonky as the furniture.
click here

  Forum Editor 23:48 05 Sep 2009

"....the Microsoft font that every web designer has grown to hate"

What nonsense. This web designer uses verdana extensively, for the very goof reason that it's probably the easiest of all fonts to read on the screen.

The fact that dozens of pretentious posers have bothered to comment about a furniture company's font change is a sad reflection on the way that the internet tends to encourage people to say something just for the sake of it. Here's an example of the kind of pompous rubbish that makes me wonder quite what fills some peoples' minds:-

"non-designers may not know exactly what the difference is, but i'm sure it will be felt on a subconscious level. for design-minded people, it's a surprising decision and it leads me to wonder how IKEA will be seen in that crowd now. its image was teetering on the edge, but it has just enough cool stuff at a pretty good price to justify shopping there. let me go on record as saying IKEA totally sucks! let's hope we anderson does not go this direction. if that happens, the world as we know it will be over."

Hand me that sick bag.

  laurie53 07:21 06 Sep 2009

While the range of subjects in this forum has long been amazing, every now and again another one comes along that leaves me really gobsmacked!

What I really find mind-boggling is that there are newspaper articles about the type of font used in a catalogue.

  Chris the Ancient 10:37 06 Sep 2009

Molehills and mountains come to mind.

Does it matter? Will it affect their prices?

  crosstrainer 10:39 06 Sep 2009

Has pointed out....Utter twaddle...Do you seriously think that a change of font in a catalogue is going to effect the buying habits of the UK public?

  Forum Editor 12:44 06 Sep 2009

that if you could empty some peoples' heads of all the accumulated rubbish and pointless nonsense their brains would simply set about filling themselves up again.

There are people who are so wrapped up in their private pretentious worlds, they fail to understand how ludicrous they appear to the rest of humanity.

  Simsy 14:11 06 Sep 2009

what they use, but what strikes me as being the point of the story is that they are now going to use a font common to both computers and print.

It's surely a matter of economics.

Design is an expensive business. (I know, my son is a graphic designer.)

I suspect this may be a change that means less design, which means less money being spent!

But even if I'm wrong... I don't care!!



  WhiteTruckMan 15:51 06 Sep 2009

is a sarcastic font ;)


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