Following a forum users profile.

  john bunyan 17:42 05 Jun 2013

I am sure until recently you could highlight a person's name in a reply and see what other threads they had contributed to , number of posts etc.. There was a comment , I thought unworthy of the forum about the PM, and before commenting I thought I would see if this was an aberration by the contributor. Has this feature been removed in the recent shake up?

  lotvic 18:06 05 Jun 2013

Yes, it's not working now. It seems to have coincided with re-instatement of PM email (green envelope) - we got that back and now can't view others profiles to see what threads they have posted in.

I hope it is only temporary as I also found it very useful for background info to help with a current problem a poster is having etc.

  Woolwell 18:08 05 Jun 2013

It was also quite useful for spam post checking eg brand new member and first post.

  Forum Editor 18:21 05 Jun 2013

It was useful, and I imagine we've somehow lost it during the tweaking session. I'm going to see if we can have it back asap.

  lotvic 18:30 05 Jun 2013

Thank you FE, good to know it's only temporary :)

  john bunyan 18:46 05 Jun 2013

Forum Editor

Thanks FE. BTW the post (re the PM) to which I referred was (IMHO) worthy of a slap on the wrist from your good self - poor taste at the least..)

  john bunyan 18:50 05 Jun 2013

Forum Editor

Sorry - did not check - just seen your post . Glad you deleted it, we can do without that type of thing.

  lotvic 16:22 06 Jun 2013

It's working again, can now access Profile when clicking on name :)

  john bunyan 16:27 06 Jun 2013


So it is - well done PCA team!

  john bunyan 18:00 06 Jun 2013

Correcting the profile issue seems to have caused the e mail tag to disappear?

  john bunyan 18:02 06 Jun 2013

No it is back again - but I am sure it was temporarily missing!! Never mind.

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