Flying saucer cars about to take off in the USA

  TopCat® 16:17 30 Aug 2007

I can foresee some hovver bovva developing if one rises above ten feet. You'll need a pilot's licence if you do - erm, and who's going to keep a check on that?

I doubt if it will 'take off' with the housewives though, as I fail to see any room for the shopping! :o) TC. click here

  Totally-braindead 16:35 30 Aug 2007

Its noisy, its slow and the inventor seems to be living on another planet. He thinks this is the solution to cars. We should have these instead. It would be a deathtrap.
I would be more impressed if someone invented a car which ran on a new type of fuel, some people aren't safe to be on the road can you image the havok they could cause with one of these.
And as for flying 10 feet off the ground, so what, that wouldn't make a dramatic improvement as its not as if you could get a load of cars going over the same airspace since they can only fly at 10 ft.

  wee eddie 16:52 30 Aug 2007

the mast of the Jib Crane used! (Just to the right of the Flying Car pictures)

  Jackcoms 17:22 30 Aug 2007

When were these videos made?

1st of April?

  Totally-braindead 19:27 30 Aug 2007

Just watched it again and noticed the crane. I thought the guy was serious, deluded but serious but it may well be a spoof.

  Forum Editor 19:34 30 Aug 2007

but it isn't going to replace the car, either. I confidently predict a total absence of these vehicles on/above British roads.

  Probabilitydrive 19:35 30 Aug 2007

The jelly-limbed one are waaay ahead of us all in the green issue debate (:

click here
click here

  LastChip 19:35 30 Aug 2007

It was actually on television today. Probably what you can see is the tether used to test this type of flight. Early helicopters, hovercraft and so on, use this method as a fail safe(?) procedure.

It has multiple fans and presumably uses quite a lot of power to fly, so if you're in the UK, you'd better get used to significant fuel bills!

But my betting would be, if it ever attempts to come to the UK, the government will ban it, or at least legislate it out of existence.

  Whitehart 21:31 30 Aug 2007

Takes running out of fuel to another dimension! :o)

  wiz-king 21:43 30 Aug 2007

Dont be silly -- the gov would tax it twice - road tax and air tax!

  bigtree22 08:25 31 Oct 2007

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