Flying Ant Day

  Quickbeam 09:35 21 Jul 2010

Did anyone else have this yesterday? We had a windless balmy day that got them all out on the same day, it was like a plague of locusts. In your hair, in your shirt, in your shorts, in your eyes, ears, nose... I'm glad it's only one day a year!

  smartpoly 09:53 21 Jul 2010

A bit of advice, check your clothing & hair before getting into your car.

I had a couple fly into my face when I drove off yesterday; they must have been on my clothing, no accidents but a bit of a shock, also check before entering home.

  canarieslover 10:38 21 Jul 2010

In S.E. Essex we have been pestered by them for the last three days. I suppose it's the penalty we have to pay for such good weather.

  So Afraid 10:46 21 Jul 2010

Around teatime yesterday went out to the back garden only to notice bunches of ants and flying ants coming out of small cracks in the brickwork of the house.

Looks like we have been infested with them,now the problem is how to get rid.

  wee eddie 11:07 21 Jul 2010

You don't need to get rid of them ~ They've gone ~ Never to return. They're males, able to fly and die. Just one will get to mate with the new Queen, who will settle elsewhere and form a new colony. Assuming a bird doesn't get her first.

However, you do have an Ants nest in the wall which, although not dangerous in any way, could be unsightly if it's near the kitchen.

  Quickbeam 11:53 21 Jul 2010

From a couple of years ago click here

  Woolwell 12:09 21 Jul 2010

"windless balmy day" - what's that?
It chucked it down yesterday in a semi gale. Any flying ants would have drowned!

  sunnystaines 13:07 21 Jul 2010

this week had herds of snails on a six foot brick wall about 50-100 of them had to knock them off the wall with a broom and sweep to centre of the law where the blackbirds and thrush birds had a feast.

never seen it before or know where they came from all full size ones.

  So Afraid 14:40 21 Jul 2010

wee eddie
Yes they are unsightly and not far from the kitchen so the next step is to check any gaps in window/door frames and skirting boards,because the little villans may try to invade the house for food.

AS they are now in the foundations i cant see how the nest can be destroyed.

  wee eddie 16:05 21 Jul 2010

There are several Products on the Market that you place/spray on their walkways, they then carry it, on their feet or belly, into the Nest which dies of over the next 10 days or so.

  So Afraid 17:06 21 Jul 2010

Just been reading about a few products for example a powder but if put on the outside wall where the ant run is,it will only make them turn back and head for gaps anywhere in the house.

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