Flyers face losing their Airmiles

  peter99co 14:46 15 Feb 2009

Are you affected?

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Simon Calder, the Independent's travel editor, said it was akin to banks closing savers' current accounts.

  spuds 15:31 15 Feb 2009

I suppose its a bit like Christmas clubs, voucher schemes and mobile phones. You don't use, collect or save, you lose the lot. Perhaps Nectar might be the next to change!.

  Forum Editor 17:02 15 Feb 2009

when you buy your ticket, and to my way of thinking they become yours, they don't belong to the airmiles company to do with as they wish.

  laurie53 20:40 15 Feb 2009

Minor correction.

Whoever pays for the ticket pays for the airmiles.

For a freelance like your goodself that is undoubtedly you, but for many business travellers it's the company.

For many diplomatic or political travellers it's us, the taxpayers!

  bluto1 22:19 15 Feb 2009

From what I've seen, read and enquired about airmiles, I feel that any restriction that may or may not be made will only apply to those who, perhaps, started saving them a few years ago, stopped saving, and now their accounts are virtually dead.

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