Flu Jab!!

  BT 07:38 04 Nov 2007

I went for my Flu jab yesterday morning. There was a line of 'wrinklies' and others, wending towards the Surgery door and shuffling forward at a respectable rate of knots. Inside there were 5 nurses lined up, syringes at the ready. It was a case of get your sleeve rolled up before reached the front, then it was
Date of birth?
Reason for getting the jab (aged,specific ailment)
Leave via the fire door to avoid getting mixed up with the queue.

Talk about turnover! There are some businesses that would have been proud of the throughput!

  johndrew 09:34 04 Nov 2007

Is your surgery run by an ex-service M.O? Your description reminds me of getting `jabs` when we joined up!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:37 04 Nov 2007

Last time I hab the JAB I was laid up for a week.

Refused when offered for the last coupe of years.

  natdoor 09:53 04 Nov 2007

I had mine on Friday. The experience was similar, a real change since the last one I had. I noticed that virtually none of those treated returned to the waiting room for a few minutes in case of anaphylactic shock. On entering the treatment room I commented on this to the nurse, who said that they take no notice of the advice given. Since there would have been standing room only and packed like sardines if the advice had been followed, I wondered if it had been toned down to just a suggestion or perhaps not given at all. Since I believe that the allergic response would be to egg albumen, perhaps there is no risk if one has previously had a flu jab and, by the look of most of them, they had been qualified for many years. Perhaps they thought that about me!

  Cymro. 10:04 04 Nov 2007

Very nice to hear something positive about the N.H.S. for a change.

  Bingalau 10:06 04 Nov 2007

The routine in our district is very like that, but no queue. About four "jab Stations" with nurses from local surgeries lined up in a side room. You give your name, rank and number etc. then are directed to the next free jab station. and whoops its done. Then out of that room in to the main hall where you get a free coffee/tea/whatever and a piece of fruit. Then wonder around all the tables, where people such as the local fire brigade are set up with advice leaflets, free smoke alarms etc. Police persons also giving advice. A good hour spent gabbing to people you haven't seen all year. But it certainly gets the job done and keeps the local surgeries from clogging up with us old wrinklies.

  Weskit 10:15 04 Nov 2007

Makes me wonder just what proportion of forum aficionados are "wrinklies"?

  Bingalau 10:19 04 Nov 2007

Weskit. I think we are in the majority. (If you are one of course)

  jack 12:09 04 Nov 2007

Me I am a wrinkly[but smooth in places ;-)
When I visited the surgery recently on another matter
I was offered a job NOW! and this was on a normal surgery weekday.
Having already made an appointment to go with the other half,later on a Saturday 'jab only day' I declined- So it seems things a sharpening up here and there.

  Jak_1 12:24 04 Nov 2007

Reminds me of when myself and the ship's doctor were giving the cocktail of innoculations at sea during the early stages of the first gulf war. It was like a conveyor belt, I had a line of multidose syringes lined up, all had to do was change the needle each tme until the last dose in the syringe was used and discarded. At one point we got though 60 in one hour with two innoculations per person, one in each arm; one was the main dose and the other was the adjuvant. The one that had the worst side effect was the plague vaccine, laid some people out with a mild dose of the disease for a few hours. The doctor suffered from his, that I gave him but I suffered no effects when it was my turn to get the jabs.

  Jim Thing 13:28 04 Nov 2007

"When I visited the surgery recently on another matter
I was offered a job NOW!...

Is that a tipyng eror or a new NHS recruitment policy initiative?

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