Floral tributes?

  Cymro. 15:41 23 Mar 2009

Once again we see piles of flowers, soft toys and such like things left at the side of the road in memory of someone who has just died.

Personally I think this to be wrong as the money would be so much better given to charity in memory of the person who died.

This time it is in memory of Jade Goody that we see this display of flowers. I would think that J.G. would have very much preferred the money to have gone towards research in to cancer.

Please note I am in no way criticising J.G. with this post and so I hope it will not be turned in to a rant against her personally.

  Kaacee 15:53 23 Mar 2009

Not to put too finer a point on it, I will be glad when the whole Goody affair is put to bed so to speak.

  Cymro. 16:04 23 Mar 2009

It is not so much Jade Goody that concerns me but this fashion that seems to have developed over the last few years of leaving flowers at the site of some fatal road accident or at the home of some dead celebraty.

There was a time when most funerals had floral tributes but thankfully this has now become less popular with people donating the money they would have spent on flowers to a charity of the bereaved families choice.

So when and where did this idea of leaving flowers at such places start then? I don`t think it went on when I was a child.

  interzone55 16:16 23 Mar 2009

I agree entirely.

I'm going to put my super cynical hat on here.

If you slip a tenner to Marie Curie or whatever, NOBODY KNOWS.

If you slap a bunch of daffs and a cuddly toy on the pavement outside Jade's house there's every chance someone will see you, or at least you'll be able to point them out to others in the paper or on the news.

I can't think of any other reason for doing this, beyond the possibility that it's mass hysteria like after St Di (patron saint of the Daily Express) passed away...

  Bingalau 16:19 23 Mar 2009

I agree that it is a complete waste of money. Looking back at the flowers that covered Anfield football ground after the Hillsborough disaster and the flowers just thrown in the road and at the cars of Princess Diana's funeral. I'm sure Princess Diana herself would have preferred the money to go to a charity, rather than be wasted like that. Florists all over this country must rub their hands together in glee whenever a celebrity dies.

  Cymro. 16:25 23 Mar 2009

Trying to be a bit more open minded about it, I suppose that flowers placed at the site of a fatal road accident might bring a bit of comfort to grieving relatives, but it is still something that I don`t approve of.

  peter99co 16:51 23 Mar 2009

I don't mind the flowers, it's the plastic wrapping that give me the creeps. They spend all that money and the wrapping hides the tribute. Must create a real litter problem as well.

  Forum Editor 17:00 23 Mar 2009

or when a child is lost and found murdered the florists must rub their hands in glee.

There are people who feel compelled to visit the homes of deceased public figures, or the houses where children lived, and heap flowers outside. Often in the case of a child there's the classic message asking 'Why?' on several bouquets.

Why people have recently decided to start doing this is beyond me, unless it's a desire to feel in some way connected to the person who died. I know I'm expressing a cynical view, but I can't help it - I've already heard that some deluded person has suggested we have a national Jade Goody day.

  interzone55 17:26 23 Mar 2009

In a similar vein - why do public figures fell it necessary to express "their deep regret" at the loss of any minor celeb.

It's not long ago that Jade, rightly or wrongly, was the subject of much public revulsion, and even had death threats, but yesterday Golden Brown felt he should offer his deepest condolences...

  Forum Editor 17:31 23 Mar 2009

Famous people say such things because someone from TV or a newspaper calls them up and asks them to say something. Most public figures can't resist an opportunity to see their names in print, so they duly oblige with a platitude or two.

  laurie53 19:35 23 Mar 2009

The ultimate in this idiocy was a few years ago in Liverpool when flowers were left for a dead chicken foetus.

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