The Floppy not dead yet

  Legolas 18:29 16 Feb 2009

I have in the last week received my new Laptop with of course Vista pre-installed. Now I have never used Vista before but due to the bad press I had read about it I had decided to reinstall my copy of Win XP. After using Vista on the new laptop for a few days I decided that I liked Vista, yes you heard right I like Vista, so I decided to dual boot Vista and XP to compare them, easy enough I thought, especially as Vista has an inbuilt app for making a new partition which works well and is a doodle to use.

So I made a new partition and then restarted with my XP in the drive it went through the usual loading up some drivers and all was well till it got to just before the part where you choose where to install your OS at this point I got the BSOD with the usual indecipherable error message.

After a few more fruitless attempts to install the OS I went to the helproom and asked there. I was pointed in the right direction when one of the responders (thanks Burr Walnut) asked if my HDD's were SATA and if so I would need to install the drivers for them at the beginning of the install process. Now I have noticed this often when installing an OS "press F6 to install raid drivers" but I have never used it but I was almost sure it involved installing the drivers from a floppy, and so it turned out. I looked for the drivers on my laptop manufacturers website but they were a 20mb d/l that would have been quite a few floppies. After a bit of research I was able to find and D/L the exact drivers especially for a Floppy Drive from the Intel website. Now I happen to have a couple of floppies lying about the house and also fortunately a USB floppy drive so I was able to eventually install the raid drivers and after that XP installed no problem. I find it a bit strange that technology has moved on so much in the last few years but the only way to install these drivers is from the almost absolute Floppy drive. Surely there must be a more up-to-date way of getting these drivers onto your system should you need them?.

As a footnote XP doesn't run well on my new system as I cannot get graphic drivers which support XP. But as I already said I like Vista and will stick with it.

So long live the floppy

  Forum Editor 18:48 16 Feb 2009

on to a custom XP installation CD. That way they'll install automatically - no need to press the F6 key.

You've done the work now, but for future reference you'll find a nifty little utility called nLite works like a dream. It's easy to use, and will do the job beautifully.

click here

  Legolas 18:55 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for the link I had a feeling there would be something better than a floppy, but why not include these drivers on the disk in the first place if you can get them onto a floppy then surely they can be included. As I said I like Vista I find it fast and easy to use not sure what all the fuss was about.

Having said that my system came with Vista pre-installed so is geared towards it perhaps the problems came with systems that had done an upgrade from XP

  Forum Editor 19:00 16 Feb 2009

not sure what all the fuss was about."

me too, but shhh.. can of worms.

  Legolas 19:02 16 Feb 2009

Mums the word ;))

  Chegs ®™ 06:12 17 Feb 2009

I used nLite to create an XP Lite install CD that was supposed to need no input from me during use.When I came to use it to install XP,I had to sit holding the "Esc" key or it would stop whilst it searched for the missing components then show a message stating it had failed to find the files.

I noted that there is also a version of vLite for Vista,so I'll have a go with that tool too and see if I can reduce the massive size of my Vista install(Just the Windows folder is 17Gbs)for easier imaging of the drive.

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