Flights to the US

  ulrich 10:58 26 Dec 2009

If you should be unfortunate to be flying to America prepare fo more delays due to what maybe body searches.

  johndrew 11:08 26 Dec 2009

The way things are going it will soon be no hand luggage and a full strip search for each passenger. The next on the list will be cabin crew followed by aircrew.

What is the world coming to. Oh for the days of simple travel. But these are unlikely to return without an extermination of the disease that has beset us.

  Forum Editor 11:58 26 Dec 2009

When I board an aircraft I like to feel that the airport and airline have done all they can reasonably do to make sure that my flight will be a safe one.

If that involves a body search, so be it.

  bri-an 13:14 26 Dec 2009

"If that involves a body search, so be it."

Provided I don't hear the 'ping' of rubber gloves and "Bend over", I will also cope.

  johndrew 14:00 26 Dec 2009

For those travelling business or first class it may not be so bad having to check in five or six hours before and having some privacy for the checks deemed necessary; for the rest it may not be so pleasant.

There is also the definition of `reasonable`. With the way things appear to be moving it may not be so long before the concern(?) expressed by bri-an could be a reality for all. After all if you are prepared to waste your life does it matter where the weapon of your (and others') demise is concealed???

  ulrich 14:15 26 Dec 2009

That's what puts me off. The hanging about. Unfortunately the people who are trying these things [email protected] seem to have a clue at what they are doing and somebody will turn up who does know.

  bri-an 14:59 26 Dec 2009

"...concern(?) expressed by bri-an.."

I hope the (?) was not to imply I might not have a concern, (or might even enjoy it!!) - believe me it would likely be my final flight ever, video conferencing from then on!!

  Condom 16:39 26 Dec 2009

Sods law again. Why do these things always happen just before I am about to fly.

  michaelw 18:24 26 Dec 2009

...Provided I don't hear the 'ping' of rubber gloves and "Bend over", I will also cope...

Never a truer word spoken in jest, I suspect. It seems the explosive was hidden on the body, as it can't have been in the hand luggage.

  bremner 21:16 26 Dec 2009

"as it can't have been in the hand luggage"

Pure speculation at this point in time.

  johndrew 10:42 27 Dec 2009

The (?).

I`m not certain `concern` was a strong enough word, but others seemed excessively strong.

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