Flick the counter into the pot

  namtas 16:23 13 Jun 2007

I know where I would like to flick it? Is this someone having a laugh or simply a wind up - PCA needs to get control, or maybe they don't consider forum users important enough to stop it, whichever it is this Merc advertisement is unacceptable and annoying- One pop up is bad enough but to have a screen coverage blanking out albeit temporarily with 11x20 and 15 x 12 is absolutely OTT irrespective of whether it is a free forum or not.

  Totally-braindead 16:25 13 Jun 2007

Haven't seen it yet namtas.

  Jak_1 16:30 13 Jun 2007

nor me

  alB 16:30 13 Jun 2007

It only seems to appear if you move your mouse pointer over it, so I guess the answer is... stay clear of it, they usually change after a couple of days anyway so bear with it ...alB

  BryanR 16:43 13 Jun 2007

How dare PCA sell advertising in order to keep this site free for everyone to use.

namtas, perhaps you'd prefer to donate to the upkeep of the website instead?

Or you could just play the game on the banner ad, click on the tiddlywinks, go the Mercedes site, and then come back to PCA - it'll take all of 30 seconds, and might help ensure the site remains free.


  FungusBoggieman 16:47 13 Jun 2007

dont see the problem
got 3 couunters in in a row

  namtas 16:48 13 Jun 2007

alB, my pot counter was well behaved until today and now it has reinvented itself into a whole new monster, which has learnt to live without the mouse!!!
I realise it is revenue and it pays for this excellent facility, and that it will be killed of shortly, just a bit rankling when it takes over - rant over

  alB 16:55 13 Jun 2007

Didn't realise yours has gone "automatic", at the moment mine's being well behaved, in fact I've just spent the last ten minutes flicking it, how sad is that :)) ...alB

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