fixing snapped glasses frame

  VNAM75 15:08 21 Sep 2009

The ridge of the frame that connects the 2 lenses on my glasses have snapped. Is it possible to attach them back together with solder or glue? I want to have them as a spare pair just in case I lose the original ones.

  Chegs ®™ 15:26 21 Sep 2009

I have repaired glasses using solder,had to score the metal with emery cloth and then wrap a very fine copper wire round the frame as the metal frame doesnt take too solder very well.Result was nice & tidy and barely noticable but as it was a spare pair of glasses,unimportant.

  johndrew 15:30 21 Sep 2009

A lot depends on the material (metal/plastic), the type of construction and where the break is.

From what you say I assume they are the usual wire strip type bridge, but is there a secondary support on the top of the frame? This would help in stabilising the frame during any repair.

What material are the lenses? If plastic they may well need to be removed prior to the application of heat.

I would suggest you consider using a rapid epoxy adhesive rather than heat. This can be carved to a smooth finish after it has fully set. Make certain you don`t get any on the lenses, especially if plastic, as removing it may be difficult without causing damage.

The break and surrounding area needs to be completely free of any grease and if possible lightly abraded to provide a key for the epoxy.

You should ensure the frames are correctly aligned and stable; a knitting needle or similar taped to the arms near the hinges will help. Having done this, position the frame on a solid surface and `paste` the mixed epoxy thickly over the break and as far as is possible over the bridge either side and leave it to cure fully.

Hope this helps.

  Quickbeam 15:57 21 Sep 2009

If you use an elastoplast, you will get the best knock down prices in the local shops:)

  jakimo 16:16 21 Sep 2009

"knockdown vnam75",surly you value your eyesight to be more than a few bits of solder and elastoplast

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 21 Sep 2009

Jack Duckworth repair kit?

  VNAM75 17:50 21 Sep 2009

Thanks for the advice. Its a standard pair of glassses, metal strip bridge, plastic lenses, the break is where the bridge joins the part of the frame that holds the right lense.

I might try solder and adhesive as suggested. Its only to be used as a spare pair should my rimless ones break but they've got a while yet.

  TopCat® 20:19 21 Sep 2009

aligned perfectly. There are some gel glues that allow time to do this. Then I would apply a thinnish coat of rapid Araldite over the join(s). This cures to a clear finish and adds to the strength of the repair. TC.

  VNAM75 20:40 21 Sep 2009

TC, I've never used Araldite but it looks like it could just be the job. I was thinking of drilling a small hole in each lense corner using one of those mini tools and use some sort of metal clip to bridge it together?

  Sapins 09:55 22 Sep 2009


  Sapins 09:59 22 Sep 2009

Just a thought, but why not have the lenses fitted in a new, cheap frame?

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