Fixed Term Parliaments.

  laurie53 08:01 27 May 2009

David Cameron is looking at fixed term parliaments.

How does that work?

Surely if a party leader decides they no longer wish to run the country, and stops doing so, there is no option but to elect someone who will?

I know I'm probably over simplifying, but they can't put the ex-Prime Minister and his cabinet, and maybe all his MPs, in prison for a breach of electoral law, or can they?

  Quickbeam 08:58 27 May 2009

It would be like when Wilson stepped down, you hand over to stooge No2... Callahan at the time.

  Quickbeam 09:03 27 May 2009

Or even callaghan.

  Quickbeam 09:04 27 May 2009

With a capital C as well!

  MAJ 09:08 27 May 2009

In Britain, you don't vote for a Prime Minister, you vote for a Party.

  interzone55 09:17 27 May 2009

we already have fixed term parliaments, in that the maximum length would be 5 years.

What I think we should do is limit the time a Prime Minister should serve to two terms as is the case in the US. For whatever reasons both Thatcher and Blair became in effective after they'd won their third terms.

Maybe if Blair had stood down at the end of the second term and handed over to Brown we would have a different Government now and we'd be able to see how "Dave" would cope with the current problems...

  MAJ 11:09 27 May 2009

"limit the time a Prime Minister should serve to two terms"

No, that creates a 'lame duck' PM, as in the case with Bush in America.

  laurie53 11:34 27 May 2009

You appear to be mixing the PM with the Parliament.

If the government of the day, including all the cabinet and all the MPs of tha tparty, resign, how do you force them to carry on for the fixed term?

  interzone55 12:06 27 May 2009

"No, that creates a 'lame duck' PM, as in the case with Bush in America."

Why would that be the case? We elect parties, not PMs. I'm proposing that the PM, as leader of the party, can only serve 2 terms, then has to hand over control of the party, and therefore the cabinet, to someone else...

  Bingalau 14:48 27 May 2009

I was always taught that our parliament was the "mother Parliament", the one the rest of the world's countries based their ruling organisation on. If that is the case then no wonder there is so much chaos in the world. Never has there been such a gang of gangsters anywhere. What an example to set... God help us all...

  oresome 17:06 27 May 2009

"David Cameron is looking at fixed term parliaments."

Why the sudden rush by politicians to be seen as modernisers? They all seemed perfectly happy with the status quo until very recently.

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