Fit for purpose?

  Simsy 10:02 21 Jan 2008


just a thought, but how acurrate do you think a modern, digital clock should be?

Given today's technology I think they should be pretty accurate, certainly to within a few seconds.

But 2 MINUTES is what PURE, (of DAB Clock Radio fame), suggest on their website is acceptable.

see click here "Why is the clock is showing the wrong time?"

I'd suggest that 2 minutes out isn't good enough and might even be grounds for rejection on the basis that it isn't "Fit for purpose"

What do others think?



  Quickbeam 11:06 21 Jan 2008

I'm a great fan of the radio controlled clocks. With these the accuracy is to that of the atomic clock at Rugby... and you don't have to correct them by an hour twice a year!

click here Yes, just checked it, I'm correct... just like my opinions :))

  interzone55 11:13 21 Jan 2008

I have a Roberts digital radio, and although I don't use the clock display often, whenever I have checked it it's been within a second or two of the radio controlled clock in my office.

I think the couple of minutes statement is a worst case scenario

  spuds 12:04 21 Jan 2008

I suppose by stating '2 minutes acceptable' covers themselves, but I wonder what trading standards or Consumer Direct would say!.

Like Quickbeam, I use a radio-controlled clock as the main time device. Other clocks that we have seem to be very reliable, and may on rare occasions gain or lose a minute or two over a year, but this is usually due to low battery power.

  Totally-braindead 12:54 21 Jan 2008

Regardless of whether legally its fit for purpose I personally would be very concerned about the quality of a clock of this type if it could be out by as much as 2 minutes. And if I found out this was the case before purchase I wouldn't buy it in the first place and would go with another brand which hopefully would be better built and designed.

  oresome 13:05 21 Jan 2008

Digital doesn't mean accurate, although it may be implied because a figure is displayed to several decimal places. It's a common misconception.

The advantage of the digital readout is that it will be read the same by different people, whereas an analogue display may be interpreted differently by different people, although the accuracy of the analogue display may well be much better.

Doesn't help with your alarm clock I know!

  wee eddie 13:17 21 Jan 2008

It's a joke.

The Government should not have gone ahead, with DAB, until they had sorted out such problems.

  Simsy 13:34 21 Jan 2008

I tend to agree with you. However, in all other respects the unit is superb!



  octal 13:58 21 Jan 2008

I've got a Pure DAB receiver and I never noticed the clock, shows how much I rely on it.

The atomic clock has moved to Amthorn in Cumbria now since April 2007, just a matter of interest.

click here

  octal 14:06 21 Jan 2008

That should be Anthorn of course, I must cut my finger nails :D

  Quickbeam 14:17 21 Jan 2008

I didn't know that, nice beaches.

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