Fishing in Ireland

  thospot 19:27 20 Jun 2006

I wonder if any of you well travelled people have ever been to Ireland for any length of time?. I would love to go at the end of this summer to do a bit of coarse fishing but I am worried that it would not be suitable for me seeing as how I cannot walk too far. Is there a County with fishing that is easily accessible, and at the same time interesting pubs etc. nearby.Thank you....

  bluto1 19:57 20 Jun 2006

Have a look at click here
or type Irish Tourist board into your browser and click start. It`ll be the beginning of a fantastic experience, I`m sure.

  thospot 20:00 20 Jun 2006

Thanks for the link. I will certainly have a good look. Must see the football now though.

  paddyjack 20:04 20 Jun 2006

thospot my brother is involved with the Disability Federation of Ireland will get in touch with him and find what information I can.

It may take a day or two so be patient.

Ireland is well geared up for the disabled and they are catered for even at village level. So no matter what you should have a good holiday.

  thospot 20:22 20 Jun 2006

Well, thank you very much paddyjack. It's very good news. I will be looking forward to your advice.

  paddyjack 20:48 20 Jun 2006

have a look here click here

some usefull information nice parts of the country as well

  thospot 21:25 20 Jun 2006

I've had a quick look at the web site and then got a map out I've just aquired...It's marvelous to see all those magical names that I've heard ever since I've been a kid.Tipperary, Limerick, Galway, Cork and right up to Donegal... I can't wait now...

  bluto1 22:47 20 Jun 2006

When are you going?
An old friend of mine is there now and he thinks he`s good enough to fish the place empty. Don`t they all?
Believe this or not, I`m Irish, from Dublin, know very little about fishing, but I still marvel at place names, scenery etc.I think that side stays forever. Enjoy your holiday, and always remember that the natives are friendly and will HELP anyone.
paddyjack will back me on that.

  thospot 09:30 21 Jun 2006

Thanks for your reply. I was in bed early last night hence the delay..

Hopefully we shall be going (my wife and I) last week in August. Maybe for a couple of weeks to start with..

I can still remember, even though we are not Irish, my mother singing Irish ballads over 70 years ago. Thats how I remember all those place names.

As for the fishing. I haven't done any for quite a few years now but I still get a feeling about it and would not even attempt it without the help of my wife...

  rmcqua 09:57 21 Jun 2006

I used to have a lot of business dealings with some of the high-tech companies in Galway, Clonmel, Shannon and Cork.
Loved every minute of it! I also love fishing so, if you need someone to carry your rods and help with the Guiness consumption, I'm your man!!!

  thospot 10:47 21 Jun 2006

Nice, rmcqua.
but I think I can manage the Guiness consumption and I've already got a 'built in porter', thats if she doesn,t see this posting.

Every post that comes up makes me want to go all the more and yours is no exception so roll on end of August. It just makes me wonder why I have not gone down this road before now.

I have got two sons in law who's families come from Ireland but neither of them ever mention the beauty of the place.

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