Fish Tanks

  lisa02 21:21 30 Dec 2006

I just bought a starter kit for gold fish. It includes a filter and here's my concern:

What is the risk with them? The power thing is quite hot and as it will run 24/7... I guess I'm concerned with electrics and water mixing.

Any tips or advice appreciated.

  lisa02 21:22 30 Dec 2006

Just to keep the thread a discussion.

Anyone else got fish? What do you enjoy about it?

  Kate B 21:23 30 Dec 2006

I'm afraid I haven't had fish since I was a kid, but what a nice thing to get - enjoy them.

  lisa02 21:35 30 Dec 2006

Well their for the kids really Kate, one is called Smokey and the other is called Pink.

  lisa02 21:36 30 Dec 2006

That's the fish not the kids' names.

  Birt Ley 21:50 30 Dec 2006

We bought a spongebob square pants tank for our daughter at easter. This has an electric filter, which runs 24/7. This also gets very warm but it has been running fine since we bought it.

I call them " fillet " and " O'Fish ".

My daughter calls them vill and bam?

  Kate B 21:54 30 Dec 2006

Nice, though - hope the kids enjoy it. Hope you do, too. Just one thing - we had a fishtank in a rented house when I was a kid and they were I think scared to death one by one by the cat, who spent about three months pretty much solidly hanging over the tank keeping a very sharp eye on them. I hope you haven't got a cat!

  Jackcoms 21:59 30 Dec 2006

I prefer my fish with lemon juice/tartar sauce and chips.

  lisa02 22:05 30 Dec 2006

Oh no! That's awful but I laughed.

  lisa02 22:06 30 Dec 2006

Jackcoms with you there I had lovely fresh cod for dinner today.

  Birt Ley 22:08 30 Dec 2006

" I hope you haven't got a cat "

Not a cat but two.

The first, bagpuss, is to bone idle to jump onto the table that holds the tank.

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