The Fish Pond

  Quickbeam 11:53 25 Jun 2013

Well my patience ran out over the weekend regarding restocking my pond after the massed die off a few weeks ago.

I was waiting for the tadpoles to get too big to be eaten, so I bought small goldfish (1.5"max) that were a bargain at 10 for a tenner and are too small to eat the tadpoles!

So now it's all treated and netted up with anti-herron netting, but while I was preparing it, I discovered that I have froglets that I knew about, toadlets that I thought the late frost had killed off and, I believe that I now have newts that I've never had before, or maybe I did, but they got eaten. So as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

  Aitchbee 12:30 25 Jun 2013

Quickbeam ... [cue harp music] and let's go back in time ...

Like Alpine strawberry seeds and in a similar vein 'The Cooler King' in 'The Great Escape' ... played by Steve McQueen, I'm sure that those little embrionic tadpoles will be laughing all the way to the river bank at what nature dishes out... when the sun comes out to melt the snow and ice away for good.

You must have 'a way' with amphibians!

  wiz-king 17:02 25 Jun 2013

I stocked my pond many years ago with 5 little goldfish from the local fairground - in the days when you could get them as prizes. I have given away about two dozen to people stocking ponds and every year I find a few more little black baby goldfish that turn gold in the fist winter. The biggest is now about 6 inches long and I have a good range of colours and fin types.

  wiz-king 18:35 25 Jun 2013

Fist = first! Last time I had a roundup I counted 32 in the pond and probably missed a few.

  Brumas 12:56 26 Jun 2013

I am not enjoying my koi pond at the moment, the cost of replacement foams, uv lamps and fittings cost me over £80 this year and it was such a fiddly job (had to cut the 3 pipe holes out in the foams myself) that have decided to convert it to a wildlife pond! Getting older, as we all do, performing the annual maintenance was becoming harder to perform and to enjoy crystal clear water and healthy fish this is a necessity. I shall make sure my koi go to a happy home!!

I shall flog all the gear, pumps, Xtreme combi pro filter, air stones etc and hopefully get a little back from my initial investment. OK, I know converting a straight sided quite large pond will be no easy task but come March/April next year, with help, that is what I shall be doing. I shall contact one of the many pond conservation schemes for advice and hopefully enjoy a pond, without worrying about the factors which were paramount in running my old set-up, yet still provide a source of interest throughout the seasons.

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