Fish and Chip Supper Anyone?

  oresome 09:09 03 Nov 2006

It seems the oceans fish will expire at around the same time as the oil we cook them in. (Well, not quite the same oil)

Is there likely to be a worldwide consensus on using the earths resources in a sustainable manner before it's too late, or is mankind as a species now at it's peak?

Should we all adopt a simpler more sustainable lifestyle, or forge ahead hoping technological breakthroughs will save the day?

  hijo 12:30 03 Nov 2006

yeah how true this is eh,its becoming more & more a dangerous worrying world we bring our kids into,some people wont be intrested in this post "oresome" its downt to there ignorance,this is quite serious i read about it last week & iam not at all sure where they want to go with this or what there gunna do...? how can we just stop fishing vessels fishing...? its there lifeline there jobs there future..theres a lot to include in this post but one things for sure its worrying,i hear last week that the worlds population is growning @ such a rate that soon we will not have the resources on the planet to accomodate the massive population...worrying....i love this forum its a abundance of infomation & oppinions from all waks of life,this is one subject we should ALL take responsibility,this effects a lot of things from the simple "fish & chips" to vitamins like cod liver oil ect again jobs will go if the fish stocks are "GONE"...this is a big subject & again the goverment should not be brushed aside they have a responsibility here as well & its not just the english goverment...wheres the answer to this...???? who knows poor "cods" iam hungry now..mmmm

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:42 03 Nov 2006

You said that would never happen a couple of weeks ago.

  wee eddie 15:55 03 Nov 2006

I had the same thought, just before I clicked your link.

Just a thought - Will the term "Cod's Wallop" become a term of derision again?

  spuds 16:39 03 Nov 2006

The thing that baffles most people, is about all this save the world issues, and the waste created by experts sitting around a table. Ask any trawler captain,active or now redundant, whether they have had to throw some of their catch overboard, because they have just exceeded a quota.

  Colin 20:51 03 Nov 2006

This report is only someone's opinion. Is there anyone out there who can give an instance of someone's prophecy becoming reality? I can't think of any.

  Vangeliska 20:55 03 Nov 2006


  Colin 22:11 03 Nov 2006

What did Nostradamus predict that came true?
Sorry, I don't want to hijack the original thread. What I meant to say was, what, in modern times, did anyone predict that came true?

  lisa02 22:26 03 Nov 2006
  Colin 23:16 03 Nov 2006

Thanks for the link, lisa02. That's why I didn't mention Nostradamus - it's too tenuous to be taken seriously. My point is that will anyone remember this fish situation when it is supposed to happen? I don't think so.

  bluto1 23:19 03 Nov 2006

I wonder if the US government have a programme in hand to clone fish. Might solve a few shortages and make them saviours of the world. Again.

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