the first wave..

  Seth Haniel 15:19 25 Jun 2008

click here

UFO prompts security doubt
A UFO sighting over a military base has lead for calls for a formal inquiry into Britain's airspace security.

  €dstowe 15:28 25 Jun 2008

What is the picture supposed to prove? I could have been anything.

  anskyber 15:32 25 Jun 2008

It's la la time again.

  Seth Haniel 15:34 25 Jun 2008

we are on about video's shot by military personel and viewed by government ministers who are taking it seriously

any still photo taken out of context can be pulled apart - maybe if you saw gthe full thing you may have a different view (but I doubt it )

  crosstrainer 15:47 25 Jun 2008


We are you know :)

Any planet capable of supporting life is so far away that without quantum leaps in technology, neither we (nor "they") could travel the distances required to mount any kind of expedition.

As for military connotations, that's another matter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:59 25 Jun 2008

Dear Sir

I have just heard the first cuckoo of Spring 2009.

yours etc.

Col. Ponsonby-Smythe of that ilk, retd.

  Seth Haniel 16:01 25 Jun 2008

'quantum leaps in technology' like the Wright Brothers first flight to Landing on the Moon (if we did???) in 61 years

And these guys have probably got 1000 yrs head start on us ;)

  Seth Haniel 16:06 25 Jun 2008

thought you'd have been more into Woodpeckers - they make a drumming sound ;)

Keep on watching the skies... ;)

  crosstrainer 16:33 25 Jun 2008

Will not be holding my breath in eager anticipation....What advanced race in their right mind would want anything to do with this planet anyway?

One look at it and a "lets go home chap's" springs to mind :)

  Earthsea 16:35 25 Jun 2008

up to their antics again.

I expect Gordon Brown has already contacted Captain Britain and MI13, so we can all sleep safely in our beds tonight.

  ventanas 16:36 25 Jun 2008

I have to agree with crosstrainer, distances are just too great. And if any civilisation does happen to be capable of overcoming all the problems of defying the speed of light ( and the problems that brings with it) I can't see them just having a quick buzz around the sky before going home.
In any case we would (or should) have been picking up signals from any other intelligence, heaven knows we've been listening long enough. But nothing.

Some weeks ago there was a strange light in the sky in West Yorkshire. It made the TV news next day, and there was quite a bit of discussion. I watched it for some time (as did many others around me), jumping from one spot to another at amazing speed and could not offer any explanation as to what it was. But I saw no reason whatever to suppose it could be extra terrestrial.

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