First photo from Mars

  birdface 12:30 27 May 2008

Hi.this on Virgin media here Might be a bad picture but at 1 O'clock there seams to be some sort of figure or building.Just wondering if Dr Who beat the probe to Mars.It could be his phone box.

  Clapton is God 12:56 27 May 2008

It's the Loch Ness monster

  birdface 13:19 27 May 2008

Nice answer as I'm from north of the border but have stayed south for the last 46 years.It looks a bit out of place.Had my little magnifying glass trying to get a better look but no luck.

  birdface 13:23 27 May 2008

Looks like someone out for a walk.Thought it might have been part of the Parachute that had blown away,But not sure if they have any wind there.

  ventanas 14:33 27 May 2008

It's probably the owner of the land coimg to complain about the junk falling out of the sky.

The wind on Mars is often far stronger than anything we get on Earth.

  crosstrainer 15:11 27 May 2008

It's the Martian re-cycling police....That probe is gonna be crushed!

  birdface 15:34 27 May 2008

Not unless it is someone handing out bars of chocolate.Anybody like to phone NASA up and ask for a close up picture of it.It sort of stands out like a sore thumb.

  Seth Haniel 15:38 27 May 2008

Ray Mears on one of his adventures ;)

  birdface 15:57 27 May 2008

Could it be the Russians have beat them to it.Plot thickens.!!!

  Seth Haniel 16:13 27 May 2008

Parking meter


  Clapton is God 16:54 27 May 2008

"Not unless it is someone handing out bars of chocolate"

Mars bars, presumably?

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