This is a first for me, how about you?

  Sapins 15:25 23 May 2008

Just bought a pair of protective gloves, selected them by the label fastened to them. I removed the label to try them on and in one glove I found a double sided A4 sheet with the user instructions in 9 languages.

I thought I just had to put them on and use them.

  rawprawn 15:31 23 May 2008

Health and Safety,I hope you didn't cut yourself on the paper ;=)

  johndrew 16:14 23 May 2008

`I thought I just had to put them on and use them.`

Ah yes; but under `Elf & Safety` you must be told which appendage to put them on, which way up and which way out. Also necessary is a list of things you mustn`t do with them, like use them as gloves to keep your hands warm.

  peter99co 16:39 23 May 2008

I have a pair of Arctic Mittons which have sheepskin inners,Alpaca Fur on back of hands + Leather palms. The A4 instruction is two sided.
The Alpaca Fur is to rub on your face when it becomes cold. You are told to rub right side of face with left hand and visa versa.

  Sapins 16:48 23 May 2008

It said quite clearly on the label, which I could read before buying, Protective glove against mechanical risk for a general use.

  interzone55 16:49 23 May 2008

I have a pair of deep freeze gloves, certified for use down to -50°C.

Printed on the gloves is a warning that they're not heat resistant and should not be used as oven gloves.

Well duh! they're freezer gloves, why would I use them as oven gloves

  peter99co 17:03 23 May 2008

My wife got a shock when she had a glove which is heatproof on and found that steam still gets through the knitted fabric.

  spuds 17:51 23 May 2008

I think my Marigolds want changing. They have just sprung a leak in hot water- Ouch.

  Bingalau 18:05 23 May 2008

spuds. Didn't they come with a repair outfit? If not you can buy one at any good bike store... You may have to scrumble (just made that word up) the wrist part together and blow hard in to the body of the glove to ascertain exactly where the aperture is situated. Then follow the instructions to fix the patch in place. Make sure you dry the Marigold properly before trying this very technical job.

On second thoughts go out and buy another pair, then if it happens again you should still have a spare replacement.

  peter99co 18:42 23 May 2008

It may interest some to know that the rubber used in Marigolds can stop Nerve Gas penetration.

Not something found in the average kitchen though

  Totally-braindead 19:04 23 May 2008

I think we've all seen some examples of the stupidity of some of the health and safety legislation and what is meant to be instructions. Everyone is paranoid about being sued now hence some really obvious and stupid (in my opinion) labels.

Things like on a can of food that you need to cook "warning contents may be hot when heated". For goodness sake is this sort of thing not going too far?

Regarding your gloves Sapins the label/instructions could be rubbish but it depends what they said, if they said something about the gloves not being resistant to certain chemicals or not being heat resistant or something of that kind then fair enough. If however it tells you things like not sticking them on your head as you may sufficate or you shouldn't hit them with a hammer while wearing them then its kind of stupidly obvious as is instuctions as to how to put them on and comments like not suitable for foot use. You might laugh at that but do have a look at the labels of some of the things in your home, you might be surprised what the labels say.

But as I said I think the main reason for this is everyone is afraid of being sued. Remember if you have an accident, even though you are a clumsy idiot with no common sense whatsoever theres bound to be a lawyer out there who will try to blame it on someone else and get you some cash.

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