First the Lightbulb, Now the Plasma

  oresome 19:57 12 Jan 2009

Is to be outlawed.

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Perhaps we should all be given ration books so that we can trade products. Give up the toaster and kettle and keep the plasma.

  oresome 19:58 12 Jan 2009


See this is already covered. Please ignore.

  perpetual motion 20:05 12 Jan 2009

You see what i dont get with all this "Keep it Green" spectrum is that its all fine & dany us brits & a few other countries changing the way we live to be greener but what about places like china & even USA/canada there the biggest polluters & the Kyoto Protocol which would of made a great differance they declined..?

its has to start somewhere i suppose but i do think uk goverment is going a little far with some of the things.

  ashdav 00:32 13 Jan 2009

On a similar cynical note but I think very true note click here
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  Forum Editor 00:49 13 Jan 2009

If you were in the Chinese government, and faced with a huge population that is demanding a higher standard of living you might well think twice before signing up to a protocol that would limit your country's ability to develop its economy.

Countries that are struggling to develop their economies sometimes find it offensive to hear rich, developed nations preaching to them about how they should limit their emissions, or change their manufacturing processes. The developed nations are the ones that have caused the problems in the past - we did plenty of polluting during our industrial revolution for instance. We've got our roads full of cars, and our LCD TVs, and computers, and telecommunications networks, and heated pools and lights just about everywhere you go.

The people of other nations look at all this and they want the same things - you can hardly blame them for it. In China they're busily trying to achieve that kind of standard, and they're doing it on a grand scale - they have a vast population. In trying to accelerate their rate of growth they've been cutting corners in environmental terms, and they're continuing to do it. They aren't going to be easily persuaded to slow down and clean up their act, although there are signs that they are increasingly aware of the need to do so.

When most people in China have modern homes with fresh running water, central heating, modern sewage disposal, a car, a TV and a computer we might see some changes, but that day is still a long way off.

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