First Darwin Awards Candidate in 2014?

  SimpleSimon1 09:39 26 Feb 2014

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Naturally this happened in America and, as usual, I just love the deadpan and understated way that American police spokespeople comment on the happenings.

As an aside, I had a Swedish colleague who (like all Swedes) was a military reservist. He wasn't scared of much (a 6 foot 6 viking, built like a brick wotsit) but Americans scared the bejeesus out of him....not the fact that all those guns were around, just the fact that most of them thought they were John Wayne (OK, it was quite a few years ago) and hadn't been trained to handle them with proper care and [safety] consideration.

  fourm member 10:12 26 Feb 2014

'sheriff’s officials said alcohol appears to have been a factor in the incident'

Ah, drink and guns, what could possibly go wrong?

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:17 26 Feb 2014

Once again an evolutionary blind alley reaches it's end.

Less than three working brain cells is just not enough!

  Aitchbee 10:31 26 Feb 2014

Responsible gunslingers should steer clear of alcohol.

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  Forum Editor 13:09 26 Feb 2014

I've deleted one childish, offensive remark about Americans, let's not have any more. You wouldn't like it if it was the other way around.

  wolfie3001 00:54 27 Feb 2014

A short clip proving its not just Americans who are idiots with guns.

Captain slow does it again

  john bunyan 11:13 27 Feb 2014

A former forumite (bingalau) sent me this link. For any budding shottists who want t try their hand. I managed to score a persistent 10, so I am not as rusty as I thought. It is in Russian- but just click on the word "Crapt" to start.


  Woolwell 12:16 27 Feb 2014

I was always a poor pistol shot. Give me a machine gun, preferably a GMPG, with butterfly and I was quite reasonable.

  john bunyan 13:25 27 Feb 2014


I preferred the good old Bren - GPMP's a bit cumbersome in a canoe!I also favoured an Armalite over the normal UK rifles - easier to maintain in desert or jungle.

  john bunyan 13:52 27 Feb 2014

Some are far, far worse. See:

W African Weapons training

  bumpkin 13:58 27 Feb 2014

" he was trying to persuade his girlfriend that guns are safe."

Not a very convincing way to set about it.

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