Is this the first for this corner of NW Kent?

  jack 14:07 16 Jun 2008

Having tottered home from a country walker yesterday.
I collopsed into a garden chair whilst wifey and daughter rushed around to tend to an exhausted father on this fathers day.
As I sat something on the skyline caught my eye .

What is that sez me - 'O'h herself said 'You've seen it I was saving that until you had gout your wind back'

So is this the first for this little island between motorways I ask my self
How many are near you?
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  tullie 14:23 16 Jun 2008

So whats it supposed to be?

  jack 14:25 16 Jun 2008

Well now tullie that sez your are not very 'Green'
otherwize you would assume it to be as I did a Wind Turbine generator .
But I could be wrong it could be a giant toy garden Windmill as a fathers pay pressie.

  Grey Goo 17:25 16 Jun 2008

Time for tubbie bye byes.

  jack 17:39 16 Jun 2008

Well GG that sez something about your TV viewing habits ;-}

  mrwoowoo 20:11 16 Jun 2008

I would imagine that wouldn't generate enough electricity to create static on an acrylic jumper.

  wellshgit 21:00 16 Jun 2008

Looks like a giant daisy to me! :-))

  Chegs ®™ 01:01 17 Jun 2008

If its a wind turbine,we have quite a few around here(but we're nowhere near kent)I can see a windfarm from my garden & several local schools have similar sized turbines to that in your picture.I do not agree that windfarms are a necessary scar on the landscapes,they rarely have the "right" windspeeds,are expensive so any electricity produced costs more....and why do they have to be painted brilliant white so they can be seen from miles away?

The windfarm I can see from the garden was erected despite strong opposition from the neighbouring village,the council attached planning restrictions that said any turbine falling out of use for greater than (I think) 28 days had to be removed.One had been unusable for over 6 months when it was reported in the paper the council were considering taking enforcement action.Why the council would only be "considering" action when the broken turbine had clearly breached the terms of the planning consent escapes me.The electricity company issued a statement saying "the turbine was damaged,but as parts to repair it were in very short supply they would fix it as soon as they could" This ultimately took the turbine out of action for just over 18 months,it was fixed and lasted a whole 11 days before it again ceases to turn.

  jack 08:21 17 Jun 2008

Such as the one my picture cannot be an economic proposition.
Like solar water heaters the capital cost must take forever to write off -even against to-days escalating fuel costs.
There are several turbines of the larger or should I say enormous size just up the Thames from here on the Ford Motors site they really are huge.
Meanwhile in the Thames Estuary off Sittingbourne there is a regular farm of them - 30 or so.
The cost of the set up cannot be an economic situation at all.

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