First against the wall when the revolution comes..

  Sethhaniel 09:28 08 Dec 2006

......... designers who make door locks from brittle plastic on washing machines/dryers

Anymore to join the queue !! ?? ;)

  Quiller. 09:38 08 Dec 2006

Those who start daft threads in speakers corner :)))

  Sethhaniel 09:54 08 Dec 2006

and those who join them :)

  Apron 10:03 08 Dec 2006

The animal rights saboteurs who forced manufacturers to put little collars on jars.

  Jackcoms 10:40 08 Dec 2006

There are about 650 potential candidates in the House of Commons, aren't there? ;-)

  Cymro. 15:03 08 Dec 2006

And anyone else who thinks animals are more important than people.

  Apron 15:36 08 Dec 2006

Oh and anyone with long, thick red hair. That'll show'em.

  Brumas 16:17 08 Dec 2006

Over zealous Traffic wardens! I haven't ran foul of them but friends of mine seem to have incurred their displeasure more than once!

  Spark6 16:23 08 Dec 2006

Oh dear, you've started something here.

Those who create and enact laws that are offensive and not supported by the majority of the electorate. Big brother knows best, but the law would have to be changed before they could be delicately put against the wall.

  The Brigadier 19:08 08 Dec 2006

Estate Agents!
Sorry but they really do like to spout bull about some of the properties they are selling. Lovely little cottage close to main road , was in fact on the A303 with artics rolling past 1 foot from the front door!!

  hzhzhzhz 19:45 08 Dec 2006

The person responsible for turning Great Britain into "Sillyland".

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