Colin 19:48 18 Oct 2010

Just heard the first bangers going off in our area tonight. Call me a grumpy old so and so but they really get on my nerves. Never mind the distress they cause pets, but some of them sound as if they're in the back yard and make even me jump. I can't see why the purchase of these by the general public is still allowed.

  morddwyd 20:53 18 Oct 2010

I must admit that in this area the problem is much less, though still present, since the legislation changed a few years ago.

  sunnystaines 21:09 18 Oct 2010

should be for public displays only.

  lucky1 21:25 18 Oct 2010

Started here also, last week! Drives our dog into a quivering wreck. If I get my hands on the little monsters......

  grey george 22:38 18 Oct 2010

Small ground use only, low db for home use. On sale just a week before the fifth would be ok. But what about all the pollution? The chemicals in most fireworks are toxic. We keep being told to stop harming the environment but fireworks, Christmas lights and all other displays of gross public waste seem to be over looked.

  Blackhat 22:57 18 Oct 2010

I have been hearing rocket type fireworks going off in gardens to the rear of one of my factories for a few weeks now. I half expect something to come through one of my windows any day. I cannot tell where they are being set off though. Next time I hear them I will inform local police but I doubt if there is anything they can do!

  numskull 11:29 19 Oct 2010

My dog is terrified of them. I can't see the point in a few fireworks going off. I do enjoy a good organised firework display.

  peter99co 11:34 19 Oct 2010

I thought we had Blaster Bates giving demo's nearby over the weekend!

  johndrew 12:02 19 Oct 2010

Given all the anti-terrorist legislation we have, perhaps these explosives should be banned from public sale.

Would also encourage public displays by correctly licenced individuals and (hopefully) reduce the number of injuries from fireworks that we have each year.

  DANZIG 12:24 19 Oct 2010

Maybe I'm turning into a misery guts, but I agree with the idea they should be only for sale to official bodies. No way should the general public be permitted to buy them.

Every year there are horror stories about animals being abused by idiots with fireworks. Last year, just down the road from me some scum actually inserted fireworks into a small dog and lit the blue touchpaper.

You can imagine what happened.

I'm not much of one for banning stuff but the sale of explosives to morons should be instantly outlawed.

  Esc4p3 12:27 19 Oct 2010

Fireworks are a right pain. We had our first major ones on Saturday night, the first explosion was so loud (they were being let off very close by) it made me jump out of my skin. One of our dogs is inconsolable with fear, it is heartbreaking to watch.

What a lot of people don't realise (as mentioned by Grey George) is that it is possible to get very quite fireworks that still give a pretty display. The visual spectacular seems to be overlooked now in favour of lots of noise. We take our dogs away for the couple of nights around fireworks night to a hotel in the middle of nowhere. It is the only way to avoid the noise in our area (near Southampton)

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