realist 16:26 28 Oct 2006

Isn’t it strange that, in our supposedly “nanny state”, fireworks remain on sale in high street shops?
I suppose it will take some ghastly accident for them to ever be banned from open sale.
My view is that they are potentially lethal explosive devices that should be used only by licensed technicians in organised displays.
What do you think?

  Al94 16:30 28 Oct 2006

Totally banned in Northern Ireland, you need to purchase a permit at minimum £30 then take it to a licenced retailer. It will happen UK wide before long I predict.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 28 Oct 2006

Fireworks seem to be going off from late September to early Febuary where I live.

Organised displays and no sales to none licensed users would bring some pece and alot of safety to many.

  spuds 16:43 28 Oct 2006

There must be a very good profit margin, because the way I understand it, it is not cheap to obtain a sellers permit, which covers only a limited timespan.

In my area, we have had firework displays since last Saturday. Not so bad as previous years, but time will tell!.

  Apron 16:46 28 Oct 2006

organised displays only. I worked in casualty in the 50s, There were very few regulations, children would roam around London from bonfire to bonfire with pockets full of fireworks, result: tragedy.
I have managed to raise 4 sons without ever buying a single firework. We used to restage Guy Fawkes' trial and have a feast. This was popular among their friends. I pass this ida on to young parents.

  PurplePenny 16:47 28 Oct 2006

I agree totally: they should be controlled.

Limits should also be imposed on the level of noise: pets , farm animals and wildlife suffer because of fireworks. The RSPCA is running a campaign to bring the noise down: click here

  Cymro. 17:07 28 Oct 2006

Although I am not very much of an animal lover I don`t want to see any of them suffer, but my support goes to Apron who has seen at first hand just how dangerous fireworks can be especially to children.
Surely it is just a matter of time before some government or other finds the guts to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public. As for the animals I prefer my sympathy to go to the children who are hurt by fireworks.

  sunny staines 17:12 28 Oct 2006

fireworks should be for public display only. 2 years ago a rocket landed on my flat roof and scorched the roofing felt could have burt the house down. The local yobs have a craze of wearing bound hands and holding powerful rockets in bottles which they aim at people/targets then set them off. the time limit of 11pm is never enforced they go off all night long in this area especially the explosive sounding ones.
I think the newsagents should also be inspected to check for illeagle imports of eastern made unsafe fireworks which are flooding the country.

  knockin on 17:20 28 Oct 2006

I agree with you, but my difficulty is seeing why it will need the government to have 'guts' to legislate on this matter. I do not know of one person who feels strongly that they should have the right to buy fireworks as a private individual. Most say that the displays they attend are far more spectacular than they could ever afford and cost little by comparison. It would appear that the government would have the support of most of us - and might even save the NHS a few quid into the bargain

  Cymro. 17:39 28 Oct 2006

It just seems that very few governments ever do anything as radical. I would be all for a ban and like you I don`t know of anyone against the idea. But you know what the press and such will say "nanny state etc". The government then go in for some useless voluntary ban that no one takes any notice of. I hope very much that you are right knockin on and that the government go for a ban, buy I just don`t have your faith in the government to do such a thing. There have been calls for a ban for many years and this lot have a big majority in parliament since 1997 but still nothing gets done.

  €dstowe 17:43 28 Oct 2006

I've worked in Accident & Emergency on November 5th.

Not a pretty sight.

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