Firefox - Onward and Upward

  DieSse 21:38 28 Jan 2008

click here

28% market share according to one internet monitor - 45% even, in Finland.

  Earthsea 22:51 28 Jan 2008

I used IE up until recently, when I switched to Firefox due to problems installing IE7. They're both very good pieces of software but I prefer Firefox due to its speed, variety of extensions and skins, and ease of updating. In my opinion Firefox is much better software, which seems to be confirmed by your link, and MS has some serious competition on its hands.

  Forum Editor 23:33 28 Jan 2008

It does indeed, and nothing wrong with that, but as is often the case it pays to look a little deeper into statistics before getting too excited.

The statistics published in the link are not all that they might at first seem. They are gathered by a French internet monitoring company from information returned by websites which subscribe to their services. Extrapolating a 'worldwide' browser market share based on returns from a single company's customers is a rash thing to do.

Browser statistics are notoriously unreliable because there is so much potential for error. The browser companies tend to get excited about the number of times their software has been downloaded, but if you think about it for a second you'll realise how misleading this information can be. I've probably downloaded FireFox three or four times for the same computer, and I've certainly downloaded IE 7 on three occasions. I've downloaded Opera twice, and Safari twice.

The fact that software is downloaded doesn't mean it's being used, either. People tend to have periods with one browser, and then switch to another for a while, then they might switch back to the first one, or not use a download at all.

Surely the best thing is to find the browser you like, and use it. If you fancy a change, then have a change - it's no big deal, nobody's judging you as a person because of the browser you use. I find this obsession with 'my browser's the best one' a tad sad - it's just software, after all.

  Earthsea 00:40 29 Jan 2008

I don't often subscribe to 'my browser's better than yours' threads, but there's no denying the tide has turned. I don't need to look at statistics to know that I prefer using Firefox.

'it's just software, after all' - would you say that about an OS, like Windows?

  Quickbeam 00:59 29 Jan 2008

I started using Firefox because of the multi tab feature... there's no point in going back to IE unless they add something that Firefox doesn't have.

  DieSse 01:20 29 Jan 2008

Best of all, when upgrading from IE6 - Firefox looks more like what you're used to than IE7. What a shambles to change the layout we're all used to.

  DieSse 01:22 29 Jan 2008

"it's just software, after all."

I bet you even say that about Open Office and Linux too FE.


  anskyber 09:49 29 Jan 2008

I am alway amused by the rather petty approach some take to browser choice, it is after all just a matter of choice. There seems to be a lack of confidence in some who use Firefox, a constant need to justify their decision and have a go at IE/Microsoft. Develop some self confidence is my advice.

I have tried Firefox and yes it was fine, there were aspects of it that I did not like and it did not do one thing I find important which is in IE7. I use IE7 because I like it and I am very pleased for those who choose other browsers, it's a free decision after all. But, do stop this rather petty playground attitude of smug this or that is best, it's all rather immature.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:07 29 Jan 2008

I like to think that my life has more meaning than worrying about what dull browser I am using....and as for worrying about tabs and backgrounds.......I am truly astonished, perhaps it is something to do with feeling important. Next thing people will be putting their computer specs. as signatures like they do on some truly dull forums. /yawn


  Quickbeam 11:51 29 Jan 2008

Don't we all upgrade or change software for the reason of, 'preferred ease of use'?

  jtt 12:29 29 Jan 2008

I'm not sure why Microsoft needs to be worried about losing market share for IE. It comes free with Windows, so what's the problem?

"and as for worrying about tabs and backgrounds.......I am truly astonished"
Me too. Same with Vista - I've turned Aero off, can't see what all the fuss is about.

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