firefox collusion

  bob. 23:43 02 Mar 2012

Watch those who are watching you on the internet

enter link description here

  bob. 23:51 02 Mar 2012

Each disk represents a watcher enter link description here

  morddwyd 08:27 03 Mar 2012

I just get a blank page!

Guess the firewall is working.

  Quickbeam 10:23 03 Mar 2012

Try one of these fm, they should prove to be suitably sufficient for the purpose.

  Quickbeam 10:25 03 Mar 2012

Forgot to include the link... one of these

  OTT_B 11:01 03 Mar 2012


It's amazng how many domains / companies are involved with loading even the simplest of webpages. What would be interesting to know is exactly what information is passed to each of the companies involved.

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