Firefox AxtiveX problem?

  gudgulf 14:37 23 May 2005

Did you know there is an ActiveX plugin for Mozilla/Firefox?

I didn't until yesterday when I started getting a pop up warning in Firefox that "Mozilla plugin for ActiveX has performed an illegal operation..." every so often.

A Google search led to this click here

The thing is that this plugin should not be installed as part of the Firefox installation package and I do not recall putting it there myself.It is meant to be a tool to allow the use of Windows Media Player and should only work with genuine Microsoft ActiveX controls...However if you use Adblock(as I do) and have obj-tabs enabled in the settings then ANY ActiveX control can run which means you are vulnerable to the same sort of threats/adware/spyware that IE is.

If you look in the Firefox folder in Programs and open the plugin folder the ActiveX file is labelled "npmozax.dll" You will be able to check if you have it too.I've deleted it as one of the benefits of Firefox is no ActiveX function as far as I am concerned.

Apologies if this has been mentioned before but I thought it might be worth bringing this to peoples attention.

  octal 19:51 23 May 2005

Thanks for posting this, interesting. I don't use Windows, but if I was I think I might be a bit concerned if I was a Windows user and that happened to me.

If it that much of a security risk, why haven't Mozilla flagged it in their Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla? click here
don't worry, I don't expect to answer that one, but its just curious considering that was posted on Jan Sun 23rd 2005 why hasn't more been made of it? Sorry, no answer required, its just me think aloud.

Send a private message to the author? He might respond.

  gudgulf 20:41 23 May 2005

I don't think it is really a security vulnerability as least not something that is patchable like many of the exploits in IE(or Firefox itself for that matter).But it is something to be aware of.This is a case of Firefox asking for a plugin to play a media clip, which if you install reacts with another third party plugin...Adblock in this case to potentially leave you wide open to any ActiveX based scumware on any site you visit.If you don't use Adblock or set it up correctly there is no problem.

I didn't know about this so I guess that is exactly what I a result I started getting a few pop under adds.Something I had noticed before but stopped by using another plugin which icreases the level of popup protection(Popups Must Die click here )Luckily I got the ActiveX plugin warning at the same time as I noticed the popunders re-occurring and had a look on Google.

I will be keeping Firefox an ActiveX free zone from now on!.I still have IE for that an will use that for sites where I know I need it.

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