Firefox 2.0, first impressions.

  LastChip 01:57 24 Oct 2006

First, its a lot quicker than its predecessor.

Multi-tabs are more rounded with each having its own close "cross". Probably more in keeping with Vista's new look. The icon colours are also more "pastel" coloured, giving it a softer look.

Not sure about the spell-checker. It seems to work OK, but at the moment I can't find anyway to get suggestions for miss-spelled words.

It installed straight over the top of my existing Firefox installation, picking up my existing profile without any drama. All bookmarks and so on, were just as I left them.

Did a quick check on a secure site (banking) and the familiar coloured address bar and closed padlocks are still there. Again, it connected without any fuss.

There's a built in anti-phishing component, that uses a regularly updated database to warn of suspect sites.

Control+Shift+Delete will clear all private data in one fell swoop.

So far: so good - delighted :-)

  sunny staines 08:14 24 Oct 2006

close tie with IE7,

  Bob The Nob© 10:37 24 Oct 2006

whats wrong with the current version? 1.5 great. I like the looks, can you show me a screenshot and then I might change but I've not even seen the new version.


  Chris the Ancient 10:54 24 Oct 2006

Most importantly, it is a lot more secure!

As I posted in a reply to a thread in the Helproom, if you install the "British English Dictionary", it appears that you get spell checking 'on the fly' which is nice - and less hassle than "Spellbound".

I agree with LastChip in that it does seem to run faster - but that is difficult to quantify, though.

  Cymro. 12:47 24 Oct 2006

Would it not be better to stick with the old version till all the glitches are ironed out of this new one?

  Kate B 14:31 24 Oct 2006

I'm going to sit tight with 1.5 until Mozilla is happy with version 2.0.

  LastChip 20:23 24 Oct 2006

it's the real thing.

It's linking to RC pages because Mozilla has not officially released it yet.

Haven't had any crashes (yet) and can't find any bugs, so you may have a long wait!

  PurplePenny 21:30 24 Oct 2006

Mozilla are asking people *not* to download it until the official release.

  PurplePenny 21:33 24 Oct 2006

From PCA news
click here

I've just checked the Firefox site and they are still offering 1.5.

  Joe R 21:37 24 Oct 2006

I have been using Version 2.0 RC3 for a few days now, and have found no problems whatsoever.

All of my add-ons, are still running fine, and i have to agree, it does seem to run faster.

It can be downloaded from click here

  PurplePenny 22:23 24 Oct 2006

Mozilla are saying not to download it (yet) from other sites either.

Here it is straight from the horse's mouth:
click here

"Preed the Release Engineer says: friends don't let friends download Firefox before it's released."

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