Fire Engines again stoned!!!!!!!!

  Brumas 15:05 02 Dec 2006

Yet again I angrily read in one of our northern newspapers that fire engines are being stoned/attacked by small gangs of yobboes! Have we gone so far down that P.C. road that the fire service cannot retaliate for fear of infringing human rights or whatever?

In Northern Ireland in the bad old days (thankfully now long gone) of the troubles, water cannons were used very effectively to disperse the angry mobs. Now I am not advocating the use of those strong water cannons (as if) but surely the firemen/firewomen should be entitled to turn their hosepipes on the yobboes to achieve the same effect to protect themselves?

In saying all this, I must state that I do not have any political axe to grind.

  lisa02 15:07 02 Dec 2006

"water cannons were used very effectively to disperse the angry mobs"

Still are when required.

  Jak_1 16:23 02 Dec 2006

They will only learn their lesson when they are the ones who need rescuing from a fire, if the fire brigade are delayed because of yobs then no doubt they will still complain bitterly that not enough was done for them.

  Brumas 16:33 02 Dec 2006

lisa02 Jak_1 I totally agree with you both, but what makes me so mad about this particularly incident is that they actually set fire to an old factory with the express intention of luring out the fire brigade into a trap in order to attack them. As a matter of course now, the police have to accompany the emergency services in this particular neck of the woods!

  sean-278262 16:46 02 Dec 2006

Brumas and where is this occuring? It is a sorry state of the world we live in that these things go on.

Here in the north east (channel 4s 6th worst place to live no less) kids fail their GCSE's to be "Cool". It is even more scary to think of the things I have seen occur here.

A friend of mine (a student) was assaulted the other week, best of all it took the police SOCO's 3 days before they came to take the injury pictures, however by that time they had faded away.

A little over 6 months ago 2 students in the town were stabbed on the university campus. In 2005 we called the police to an incident of a man chasing a student angrily with a butchers knife, they claimed we were making it up.

To be honest it is Chav Britain now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 02 Dec 2006

If only it was possible to withdraw the emergency services from these people???

Bring back flogging, hanging, shooting at dawn.

  Brumas 18:10 02 Dec 2006

Wallsend, North & South Shields and Walker were the places highlighted in Friday's Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

I suspect it happens all over Britain, not just the North East; where will it end - hopefully not with private security guards riding shotgun!

  spuds 18:21 02 Dec 2006

This sort of offensive behaviour towards emergency crews just doesn't seem to go away. Only recently in my neck of the woods, an paramedic team were attending a seriously injured person, and on return to their vehicle, the sat nav system and some expensive medical equipment had been stolen. The ambulance service stated that the vehicle would be out of use for at least 5 days, while they obtained replacements.And this is from an ambulance service that is already failing call-out times, due to possible lack of funding.

  Brumas 18:37 02 Dec 2006

If only the morons responsible could give an intelligent reason WHY, then maybe and only maybe could we begin to understand their tiny twisted minds and come up with a solution/deterrent !

  sean-278262 18:37 02 Dec 2006

Brumas - Got to love where we live.

  spuds 18:47 02 Dec 2006


Fortunately in that incident, the medical equipment that was stolen, didn't prevent the paramedic's from giving life saving treatment, otherwise there could have been a fatality on someone's conscience. But what about the next time!.

Drug's money I suppose, all for the next fix.

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