Finnish driving test

  donki 11:55 18 Nov 2008

I don't know if anyone seen Top Gear on Sunday (I know there is mixed feelings on the show on here) but there was an intresting part about the driving test in Finlad. Its alot more intense than ours see link below.

click here

Would we benifit from a program like this one? I have been looking for information about RTA's in Finland compared to here in the UK but I haven't been able to come up with anything. Also would be intresting to see the total cost to the driver as I know the cost to pass your test in the UK is nearing the £500 mark.

  johndrew 12:10 18 Nov 2008

There are two arguments here as I see it.

If you make gaining a licence harder/more expensive in the UK either more people will consider it of greater value and be more careful not to lose it or more people will consider it worthwhile not bothering with a licence at all.

Making licences more valuable may also increase the willingness of some to look to crime to provide the necessary document.

Whilst driving in Finland may be more demanding due to climatic conditions, driving in the UK has its own (peculiar?) challenges. So perhaps a tougher regime of practical teaching would be of value; theory is necessary but experience is more important in my opinion.

  Quickbeam 12:36 18 Nov 2008

is that you increase the number of unlicenced drivers that just wouldn't bother as it would be too much trouble for them to get one.

  donki 12:49 18 Nov 2008

I hear where your coming from but should that really be a reason for not doing something. I think there should be stronger pelanties against driving without a licence, all they seem to get is a ban from driving. Is this not a little bit stupid concidering the person shouldn't have been driving in the first place. Hit the clowns in the pocket, hard!

  Pineman100 18:26 18 Nov 2008

I was once being driven by a Finn on a business trip in Finland, in February. In the snow, the road was only distinguishable as gap between the trees and a slight depression in the snow.

He drove at breakneck speed on studded tyres, and I asked whether all Finns drive like that.

Completely straightfaced, he replied:

"Oh yes. Last week there was an amazing national news story. A car came off the road and did NOT hit a tree."

  Noldi 18:39 18 Nov 2008

A lot of European countries have a system where you have to do some sort of advanced training within a year of passing your test or have your licence revoked. In Switzerland the emphasis’s is on skid control. As for driving on snow with the right tyres etc it is great fun. Switzerland now has a law that you have to use the correct tyres when the road is white before it was just your insurance company did not pay full amount if you had the wrong tyres.


  DANZIG 08:21 19 Nov 2008

I work with a Polish guy and just yesterday we were discussing driving. He said that in Poland they fail you for ONE mistake on your test, no matter how small.

He also stated that he reckons loads of his country men (and women one presumes) come over here to pass their driving test.

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