fined for being unchivalrous

  hssutton 11:17 05 Oct 2008

A man taking a photo in the street of an "unwell" women fined for being unchivalrous in Scotland.

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Know your rights as a photographer.

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  Chegs ®™ 11:33 05 Oct 2008

"when somebody is in distress you leave them to it."

Arghhh,this attitude is something that needs addressing in society.True,the guy was wrong to take her photograph but if she had been choking on her vomit the judge is saying leave her to it.

  canarieslover 11:43 05 Oct 2008

Does this apply to the press as well? Just think, no more photos of Amy Winehouse off her face.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:48 05 Oct 2008

at the diana crash springs to mind.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:01 05 Oct 2008

The woman was in a public place and the photographer should have contested the case rather than let the Scottish Justices invent a new law.


  Jak_1 12:07 05 Oct 2008

What is not clear in the article is why he was taking the photograph. Journalistic reasons or just a personal photo-essay of the Edinburgh Festival. The laws in Scotland are different to English law, as they are in many instances.

In England, he would have not broken any laws as a photographer is entitled to take any picture they want in a public place, with certain exceptions. The laws of privacy would not have come into play in this case had it been in England. Nor would it have prevented him having the picture published should he, and a publisher desired to do so.

On the moral side, that is open to interpretation. The article only states that the woman was feeling unwell, that to is open to conjecture given that she had been out drinking with friends! Her friends obviously were not too concerned about her health or they would have been there looking after her! No one complains when TV news show footage of youths being clearly unwell on a night out drinking. Unchivalrous, hm! Smacks of 'bruised dignity' to me, though as I have said, no reason was given for the woman's apparent condition.

The moral here is, you should know the laws governing privacy in the country you are in at the time when photographing people in public places. The question is: would the same rule have been applied to a photographer from a national redtop for taking the same picture?

  spuds 13:53 05 Oct 2008

Once again we see the stupidity of the legal system. I only hope that the person being photographed was vomiting or whatever on a pavement, and the local warden or council attendant was present,and the appropriate action and fines was placed in motion. Perhaps (in the correct circumstances) publishing some of these photographs, might shame people as to the responsibilities. But having said that, I recall a time when I was on a prescribed medication with a warning about not drinking alcohol, and the half a pint of lager did the most unmentionables.

Perhaps next week, we will be seeing headline news ' Television and News companies worldwide are being fined or sued for unchivalrous conduct'.

  Kevscar1 14:30 05 Oct 2008

Doesn't that mean the Sherrif should be done for sexual discrimination or is that legal in Scotland

  egapup 15:19 05 Oct 2008

Who got the fine money?? did the speed camera's have a bad week??

  cycoze 16:23 05 Oct 2008

The photographer was daft for not fighting the case, he should have checked on the law before getting into the courtroom.

As for not being chivalrous, was the woman having a heart attack? No, the report says she felt unwell after drinking, sounds like she had a bit too much and like many people after a night on the booze was ready to paint the pavement, not something i would want a photo of but would show the other side of what a city has to offer, if she wanted privacy she should have gone to the loo and spared the public.

  spuds 16:46 05 Oct 2008

According to the report, the now convicted person, did have legal representation.

It makes you wonder about that!.

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