A fine line between boredom and panic!

  rawprawn 19:50 07 May 2009

I have always been a tinkerer, but the last few months my computer has been running like clockwork, not a hitch.
All very nice but boring, I have downloaded and tried various programs with no ill effects and somehow feel cheated.
However yesterday I found a small problem within Outlook which for some reason would not activate html links. I tried everything including a Helproom posting with no luck.A couple of tries to Restore didn't work and I felt the adrenaline rush.
I eventually resorted to Acronis and solved the problem.
Doe's anyone else crave this kick or is it just me?

  spikeychris 19:53 07 May 2009

You're getting old rawprawn. Not long ago you would have repaired rather than restored. It will come to all of us in the end I suppose.....

  rawprawn 19:55 07 May 2009

You are so right on both counts!!

  Legolas 20:00 07 May 2009

You are not alone in this, as you say when everything is running smoothly with your system it does get "boring" I do enjoy a good problem to get my teeth into, probably why I am always trying new software and the recent releases of win7 have been great to tinker around with.

  recap 20:03 07 May 2009

In my work I tinker most of the day with computers, so when I get home my kicks have been sated...

Well, in an ideal world that is.

  rawprawn 20:45 07 May 2009

I am glad I am not alone, I was beginning to think that I am in the latter stages of senility.
I find computers like cryptic crosswords, they keep my mind active.

  Legolas 21:27 07 May 2009

I love all thing computer related but I must admit my first love is to tinker so when something goes wrong I look forward to the challenge.

  Snec 21:51 07 May 2009

I don't like things to go wrong at all. But then again I can't remember the last time I was bored, so probably that's the difference between us... I haven't really got the time to faff about with things going wrong.

  Forum Editor 22:25 07 May 2009

when formatting the C drive and starting again was a regular feature of a computer enthusiast's life? There was that indefinable feeling of satisfaction when at last the thing was up and running again, all shiny and new, ready to be sludged up again and have all its settings endlessly tweaked.

Nowadays that's all largely a thing of the past - modern operating systems, regardless of what some people say, are stable and reliable - they sit there, day after day, refusing to reward your masochistic tendency with even an occasional BSOD. You have to deliberately take a walk on the wild side if you want things to go badly wrong, and even then to can almost always resort to good old system restore.

It's not fair - Microsoft should release Windows TweakMe version especially for tinkerers. Instead of Windows update they could introduce Windows SpannerInWorks™, which surreptitiously corrupted a vital system file once a month. That would be good for forum business, as well as satisfying your craving for the occasional glitch.

  john bunyan 22:50 07 May 2009

Like you I sometimes adhere to the principle of "If it ain't broke, fix it". Mind you in the last few months I had great satisfaction sorting out problems with Roxio and .Net Framework 3.5 updates, Printing in IE8, earlier problems installing SP3 with Media Centre, fase positives with AVG etc.
FE - pity DOS is more or less finished.

  wolfie3000 02:33 08 May 2009

For me its tinkering with games, trying out mods iv created, sometimes i get the rush when i see iv messed up half the game files and might have lost all my game saves.

I tend not to tinker with hardware, if it works then fine, im not gonna push my luck.

Worst thing iv done was when i had an Amstrad 1512 and formatted the operating system disks out of ignorance.

I had no backups either, i felt a big rush then lol
my only excuse was it was many many years ago.

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